RealtyAds releases new age tech

SYDNEY 6th April 2023 The success of proptech startup RealtyAds has accelerated in recent months due to agent demand for innovative and automated online advertising both for property and agent profile marketing.  As property marketing is pivoting from traditional, slow to market and highly expensive marketing techniques such as; mass-distributed letter box drops, spending hours making cold calls, or relying on listing portal exposure (which … Continue reading RealtyAds releases new age tech

Facebook Bans News But Realty Keeps Posting

Because of Facebook’s action today in blocking news content in Australia, many news-related Facebook pages have had posts removed. Property marketing platform moved quickly to reassure agents and property sellers that its geo-diverse marketing strategy has ensured properties marketed through Realty will continue to benefit from exposure to both active and passive buyers on Facebook. Realty’s 450+ Local Facebook pages, with established audiences who … Continue reading Facebook Bans News But Realty Keeps Posting

Self-belief is critical

Putting your name above the door of a new business takes courage and tremendous self-belief. But when you do it on a business that is breaking new ground – well that requires nerve, mettle, resolution and just plain guts.   That is exactly what Leah Jay did in 1994 when she began as a sole trader in Newcastle. Cassandra Lantry is a Director and Operations … Continue reading Self-belief is critical

Accelerate growth post COVID

Mark Morrison is a licensed real estate agent and auctioneer.   During his real estate career, Mark has been instrumental in spearheading the growth of some of the real estate industry’s most recognized brands.   Now, he brings his vision, creativity, and innovative outlook to AgencyHQ and he joins James Pratt I the final part of their series to explain why the Agency HQ model … Continue reading Accelerate growth post COVID

Tech implementation

In 2019, recognizing the challenges facing sellers, buyers, agents, and the market, Mark Morrison created the AgencyHQ network model.  In this digital age, developments in technology mean that the business model can and has changed.  Mark discusses that today with James Pratt. Continue reading Tech implementation

Challenges in expansion

Expansion and growth for the sake of it are not smart.  Expansion requires planning to ensure the growth that follows is able to be serviced.  Growth pegged to ego is a sure way to fail.  Mark Morrison heads up Agency HQ and says that has been the undoing of many good businesses.  He discusses that with James Pratt today. Continue reading Challenges in expansion

LJ Hooker Queanbeyan: Business as Usual Through Virtual Inspections

Kylie Maxwell is the Director and Franchise Owner of LJ Hooker Queanbeyan. She joins us this week for an insightful discussion on the current situation of her agency and how her team manages to continue delivering service to their clientele.  In Kylie’s interview with Kevin Turner, she mentioned that LJ Hooker Queanbeyan is business as usual, but they make sure that they put the safety … Continue reading LJ Hooker Queanbeyan: Business as Usual Through Virtual Inspections

COVID-19 – Reshaping the Property Manager Role

Tamsin Wilson is the Head of Property Management at Belle Property Parramatta. She joins us in a powerful session to discuss the importance of internal communication and cloud-based software to cope with the difficulties of the pandemic.  Together with Kevin Turner, they will also look into how COVID-19 is reshaping the role of the property manager and how to communicate and build relationships between tenants … Continue reading COVID-19 – Reshaping the Property Manager Role

VIDEO – Future of Real Estate Photography – Peter Schravemade

A picture tells a thousand words. Words are important but in this digital world, where first impressions are everything, poor quality photos, videos, virtual tours or floor plans can ruin the potential of a sale. You only get one chance and with more people making decisions about property by looking at the online representations – you need to get it right the first time. Box … Continue reading VIDEO – Future of Real Estate Photography – Peter Schravemade

VIDEO – How technology is shaping how we work – Bernice Ross

Bernice Ross writes for Inman and keeps a close eye on how technology is changing how we work and how buyers and sellers interact with agents.  Also how consumers use technology to choose agents and buy property.  In this 15 minute VIDEO, Bernice talks about what she is discovering. Continue reading VIDEO – How technology is shaping how we work – Bernice Ross