The gift of COVID

Ruby Gibson is a property manager at Century 21 Living at Mosman in Sydney, and joins Kevin Turner now as another one of the featured property managers in the MRI Property Rockstar series. Continue reading The gift of COVID

Accelerate growth post COVID

Mark Morrison is a licensed real estate agent and auctioneer.   During his real estate career, Mark has been instrumental in spearheading the growth of some of the real estate industry’s most recognized brands.   Now, he brings his vision, creativity, and innovative outlook to AgencyHQ and he joins James Pratt I the final part of their series to explain why the Agency HQ model … Continue reading Accelerate growth post COVID

Tech implementation

In 2019, recognizing the challenges facing sellers, buyers, agents, and the market, Mark Morrison created the AgencyHQ network model.  In this digital age, developments in technology mean that the business model can and has changed.  Mark discusses that today with James Pratt. Continue reading Tech implementation

Challenges in expansion

Expansion and growth for the sake of it are not smart.  Expansion requires planning to ensure the growth that follows is able to be serviced.  Growth pegged to ego is a sure way to fail.  Mark Morrison heads up Agency HQ and says that has been the undoing of many good businesses.  He discusses that with James Pratt today. Continue reading Challenges in expansion

VIDEO – Cryptocurrency and Property – the future! – Piper Moretti

Tech Talk is the new initiative from Switch Media Group to provide you with the latest property inspired technology from around the world. We kick off the series with Piper Moretti of Crypto Realty Group. Piper explains Crypto and why Bitcoin will impact real estate. *** About Piper. Piper Moretti is the CEO of The Crypto Realty Group, a Los Angeles-based firm specializing in conducting real estate transactions with cryptocurrency and the only … Continue reading VIDEO – Cryptocurrency and Property – the future! – Piper Moretti

VIDEO – Outspoken on Outsourcing – Darren Brady

In June this year, Beepo hosted a Study Tour of their facility in the Philippines focusing on Real Estate businesses which aims to show those who are considering outsourcing the best practices across sales, marketing, property management, administration and finance. One of the attendees – Darren Brady who is the Principal at Harveys Papakura joins Kevin to share his whole Beepo Study Tour experience. In … Continue reading VIDEO – Outspoken on Outsourcing – Darren Brady

Property Management Q&A with Tara Bradbury – Podcast 6

In this 15 minute podcast, Tara answers: How to grow the rent roll when you don’t believe in your property manager’s ability to correctly manage the properties How to handle different tenants or owners How important it is to take notes or put your conversation with tenants in writing How to deal with rent arrears All your questions answered.  Simply send your question in through the REUNCUT website or to Kevin … Continue reading Property Management Q&A with Tara Bradbury – Podcast 6

VIDEO – Beepo Virtual Tour – Matt Garrett

Join Kevin as he takes a virtual walk around Beepo with Matt Garrett – Beepo’s CEO in the Philippines. Meet the executive team as well. If you are curious about how it works and how outsourcing can work for you, then spend 10 to 15 minutes to have a look around. You will see teams at work, the scale of the operation and the tight … Continue reading VIDEO – Beepo Virtual Tour – Matt Garrett

VIDEO – “It is not about the money” – Sherrie Storor

Sherrie Storor had a very successful career as an agent so why give it up to start a coaching business?  Hear her answer in this 15 minute video.  Sherrie will be one of the speakers at this month’s RESE Conference which will see her interviewing 2 top agents – Nyree Ewings and Jesse Willcox.  We also ask Sherrie in this video about how to get … Continue reading VIDEO – “It is not about the money” – Sherrie Storor