New Listings in Melbourne

New Listings soar across Melbourne, overtaking Sydney as Restrictions Ease By Eliza Owen, Head of Research Australia One of the lessons learned about the property market through COVID-19 is that listings numbers have been extremely responsive to changes in social distancing policies. Despite an extended lockdown, Melbourne is no exception. Since onsite, private inspections resumed on the 28th of September, new listings volumes have soared. The … Continue reading New Listings in Melbourne

Life in lockdown – Part 3

Staying motivated and enthusiastic is important but how do you do when there is much bad stuff happening? Mentor – Adam Flynn – Continue reading Life in lockdown – Part 3

Life in lockdown – Part 2

What is happening in Melbourne could happen elsewhere.  Here is some timely advice in case you want to be prepared. Mentor – Adam Flynn – Continue reading Life in lockdown – Part 2

The reason nothing changes

If nothing changes, nothing changes!   Why do so many agents and people in business expect things to get better without being committed to the necessary changes? Mentor – James Bell, Head of Network Century 21 Australasia Continue reading The reason nothing changes