Mat’s 20 ways to succeed | Who has the power? | What is the pitch?


Today we look at the final step in Peter Hutton’s move to secure the love price. He calls it “the pitch”. Today also we will give you a sneak preview of what’s in store next week as Mat Steinwede outlines the 20 ways to become a top performer.

Coach – Chris Hanley – Negotiation tips

  • Who is at the back table?
  • The one with the power
  • Ask the question

Working Smarter – Peter Hutton – Nailing the LOVE price

  • Step-5 PITCH:
  • What is the pitch?
  • What is emotional momentum? And how do you move buyers to making a buying decision?

Friday Comment – Get a sneak preview of Mat Steinwede’s 20 ways to become a top performer.

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