The ice breaker + People buy people

Andrew Lutze will share with us this morning the ice breaker he uses when he visits a potential seller. Lindsey Dodd makes the point that people buy people and the benefit of being in a large group may get you to the door but it is your connection and the relationship you build with the potential seller that will get you the listing.

Structuring your presentation to get VPA

Andrew Lutze

  •  Use the ‘icbreaker’
  •  Build rapport first
  •  Ask the seller what is important to them

The David and Goliath battle

Lindsay Dodd 

  •  People buy people
  •  It is the relationship that matters
  •  The big brand may get you in the door but they will buy YOU

Property Management – The difficult time for any property manager and BDM is at the time of handover from the BDM to the property manager.  Tara Bradbury talks about how to do this efficiently.


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