You can’t rely on organic reach on Facebook

Even the best organic content only gets seen by maybe 20% of your page followers.  Here is a more effective way.

Topic – 5 ways agents get Facebook wrong

Mentor – John Hellaby

  • You need to “pay to play”
  • Don’t give up control of marketing reach and audience
  • Why the best organic content is limited
  • Reach your entire farm area for a few dollars

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Kevin: Joining me once again as we take a really good look at Facebook and how you can and maybe you shouldn’t be using Facebook. John Hellaby. John’s website, of course, That’ll give you an opportunity to get in there and find out if your post code is still available for lead generation in Check My House Price. We’ll talk more about that later this week and John’s gonna be my guest next week, too, and we’ll have a really good, close look at that on Monday morning.

Kevin: Good morning, John. How you going?

John: Very well. Thank you, Kevin. Very well. How are you?

Kevin: Mate, fantastic. Let’s dig into another part of Facebook. This time we’re looking at organic reach. Agents still relying on this. It is a free way to reach an audience, but is it a good way?

John: Look, it’s hard to say that free is bad ’cause let’s face it. Free is free. But what you’re giving up by relying heavily on organic reach is you’re essentially giving up control. Right? You’re giving up control of your audience, and you’re giving up control of who’s actually going to see it. So you can put that piece of content out there, that video, and hope that enough people are gonna see it, but Facebook are onto you with this as well. And they’ve actually limited the amount of organic free reach that you are going to get in their algorithm. So they’ve dialled it right back and, at best, your best piece of content might actually only get to 20% of your page. So that’s something that’s really huge to take into account.

Kevin: Yeah, so you’ve really got to pay to play nowadays?

John: Well, you do but it’s not the end of the world and, you know, there’s this huge sort of resistance to paying the play in the industry and look … I work with agents and have done for … Christ, Kevin, I think I was on your show back in-

Kevin: (Laughs)

John: … 2011 when we launched Check My House Price-

Kevin: Yeah.

John: … so we’re going on getting close to 10 years and agents are very, very hesitant to pay to play. But the thing is, this is actually cheaper than letter box dropping and you actually have control over who sees what you’re putting out there. And that’s something that’s really important because it allows you to get very laser-focused and really zero in on who your most likely responding market is going to be and who the most likely action-takers are going to be.

Kevin: Yeah, because it’s a bit like … You know, we’ve always looked at this as being a bit of spray and pray. You know, you just put it out there, hope it’ll reach a few people, and that you get a result. But what we’re finding … and we picked up yesterday in our conversation with you that you can create an audience. So you can really define who you’re gonna be talking to and what you’re gonna be saying to them, John.

John: Look, 100% and we’re gonna cover more of this through the week. But one of the really big things I love about Facebook marketing is I can put an ad out, say, to an entire post code or an entire region. Alright? Let’s take the example of a real estate agent. The guys and girls who are listening in right now. Let’s say you look at your farm area and you can specifically target that farm area. Now, as a general industry average, we know that about 5% of properties are gonna turn over in any given 12-month period. But that means 95% aren’t interested. If you put your listing video, you put a piece of marketing out on Facebook, you can potentially hit that whole farm area for cents on the dollar compared to anything else. We’re talking 50, 60 bucks to reach, you know, five plus thousand people.

John: But then anybody who actually engages with that, anybody who watches that, clicks on it, they’re demonstrating interest and we’ll cover more of that later in the week. But you can take those people, put them into an audience, and that’s your audience of interested people. And you can put an offer directly in front of those people. You can get a call to action directly in front of those people who have demonstrated interest through their action. And that is where it’s massively powerful, because now you’re marketing to people that you know, through their actions, are actually interested in what you’ve got to put out there.

Kevin: Yeah, so they’re interested. You may be offering something. You can see where they’ve come to your page but have not taken any action, so you can retarget those people, can’t you? And maybe even up the offer a bit?

John: Absolutely. And, look, you can really dial it in so that you’re giving it … You know what? The best analogy … I always love this analogy. It’s like fishing in a lake where the lake is stocked full of fish and you happen to have their favorite meal in your tackle box’s bait. Because you know it now. You’re not spraying and praying, you’re not casting a line and hoping. You’ve stocked that lake full of fish.

Kevin: Wonderful stuff. Tomorrow when John comes back and talk about why many agents are one-hit wonders. John Hellaby will be my guest. Use the link to find out a little bit more about what John talks about and also how you can generate more leads with his Check My House Price website. The website is, John, thanks for your time. Talk to you again tomorrow morning.

John: I look forward to it. Thanks, Kevin.

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