What is your time worth? Do you really know?

You can’t manage time but you can manage what you do with your time – in other words what you do in the time you have.  So often, according to Mark Creedon, we don’t use our time wisely because we don’t value it.

Optimise your business to the max

Mentor – Mark Creedon

  • How to put a dollar value on your time
  • Break up your activities into A, B, C and D time
  • Why there is never enough time in the day.

Property Management – Joel Davis joins us to tell the story about how you can grow up to 50 nett property managements a month.

4 thoughts on “What is your time worth? Do you really know?

  1. Jo Thorpe says:

    Joel Davis didn’t tell us a story about how to grow up to 50 nett property managements in a month. He listed a couple of absolute basics of property management. Don’t often listen to these podcasts especially about property management…..wasted my “A” time today.

    1. Standby Jo. Just recorded with Joel today and he gave me some gold. It will be in the shows and I will put all the segments together into one podcast.

  2. We have also found refining our procedures & outsourcing administration tasks has greatly optimised our time.

    1. Outsourcing is great. I found that training well up front is the key. All the best Alice.

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