The magic of a Secret Listing and the pipeline

Now there is a system that allows you to prospect while you sleep or, more importantly, while you get on with what you are best at – putting buyers and sellers together.  The Secret Listing will have listing leads flowing from existing listings.

Topic – The Secret Listing – see a testimonial video

Mentor – Stephen Atcheler

  • Turn a listing into 2, 3, 4 or more
  • Listing leads that fall into your funnel
  • Prospecting on steriods

Property Management – Joel Davis takes us through the most effective forms of lead generation to build a rent roll.

2 thoughts on “The magic of a Secret Listing and the pipeline

  1. Mark Nicholas says:

    All industry info is great to listen to and act on. Thank you.
    You speak of Australia service. Can you comment on NZ please.

    1. Thanks Mark. Do you have any suggestions as to who you would like me to interview from NZ? Who would you like to hear from? Kevin

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