The BIG bucks are what is needed in social

You don’t have to throw BIG bucks at social media.  Joel says you don’t need to spend a cent!

Topic – How to kill your brand on social

Mentor – Joel Leslie

  • No pay – still OK to play
  • How do you promote for no dollars
  • Quality not quantity


Kevin Turner: In our series this week on social media is with Joel Leslie and we’ve been talking about how to kill your brand on social. The headline for today’s episode is The Big Bucks, which you need to spend on social. Well, you don’t need to spend big bucks, but how much do you need to spend? Joel Leslie from Good day Joel?

Joel Leslie: Hey, how are you doing?

Kevin Turner: Good. It must have been a great week. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us. We’re going to get a regular segment from you too. Joel will be along with us every Thursday to give us some more tips on social, so we’ll have a lot more coming your way. Joel, let’s talk about money. How much money should I budget because on Monday we talked about having a strategy, a plan. Is that part of that plan?

Joel Leslie: It is, and I’ll tell you right up, it’s zero. Most of the time you do not need to spend anything on your social media.

Kevin Turner: Well, that’s music to my ears. How does that work?

Joel Leslie: Social was always designed like Google. Its search engine is that organic always is the most interesting and comes first. The consumers will always, always, without a doubt, be more familiar with organic search than they will with a paid search. Organic means one that’s naturally appearing in the list of things as opposed to something that someone’s paid and put there as a placement. You’ll always get better engagement on that organic social post.

Joel Leslie: Now, the big thing is that … The big question is, well, then how do I get in front of people? Well, I can tell you right now that you are getting in front of people because you’re only being followed on social media. If you’re a real estate agent, or a property manager, or a buyer’s agent, by someone who’s either going to buy a property, has bought a property, is interested or has some type of interest in property, right? Otherwise, they’re not interested at all. Now as soon as you start to market that property and pay for that placement, you are putting your brand at risk. Because what’s going to happen is the consumer is going to come in and say, “I did not want this here in my Facebook feed, and I’m going to instantly block the brand. And this isn’t just you, this could actually be your brand X, Y, Smith real estate, and you could have 100 offices around the country. And instantly, you’ve just lost one person.

Kevin Turner: But doesn’t that fly in the face of what we said earlier in the week about using social to promote our listings?

Joel Leslie: It actually complements it because what you’re doing is putting the property up where people will see it. Now, the other thing that people don’t really think about when they’re putting stuff on social is that it’s very well indexed by Google search results. As soon as that property’s up there, no matter if it’s paid or not, it’s going to appear in Google search and it always will.

Kevin Turner: Bring me back then to why we don’t need to spend bucks, because I would have thought if we spent 10 or $15 or something, we’re going to reach more people.

Joel Leslie: Yeah, you will reach more people, but you also reach more of the people you’re not interested in reaching and the people that aren’t interested in you. And then those people could actually consider buying next week or next year, and you’re not going to be on their radar at all if you’re looking from a social platform.

Kevin Turner: Okay, well, how do I get them to see my content, then?

Joel Leslie: You are going to appear naturally in their results. If they’re following you, you will appear in their search results.

Kevin Turner: Is it then a matter of quality as opposed to quantity?

Joel Leslie: It’s quality, and it’s the way you post it. This comes back to what we’re talking about a community manager, they know how to do this stuff. It’s using the right words, the right key, the right hash tags, right keywords, all those different aspects into the way you’re putting this on there. In some cases, you might consider having a small budget for spending on social media because you might have just sold Nicole Kidman’s house and that’s news relevant information that could actually be interesting, but that’s not saying, “Buy my house. I’m real estate, mister real estate X. Buy this house here because I said so and I’m going to pay for that.” $100 to reach a million people.

Joel Leslie: You know for instance that those … I mean, that 1 million people most definitely won’t be interested in buying your house and you’re going to be in front of 999,000 people who will turn you off.

Kevin Turner: Hey Joel, there’s so much more that you and I are going to cover in the weeks and months to come. Every Thursday, Joel will be a regular guest on our RE UNCUT, as we talk about social media. Joel, thank you very much for your time. Great talking to you, my friend.

Kevin Turner: Check Joel’s website out. It is called massive uptake in the States and it’s going to achieve the same sorts of impact here in Australia and in New Zealand. Hey Joel, thanks for your time.

Joel Leslie: Thanks Kevin.
For more information, check out Propify.

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