Aussie company wins international awards – Danelle Hunter

An Australian real estate office in Melbourne has taken out 3 international business awards.   Danelle Hunter from Biggin & Scott Knox explains what this means to her, the company and the industry generally.
Kevin Turner: In October this year, gee that’s going to come up pretty quickly too, Biggin and Scott Knox are going to head across to London to receive their Stevie awards at a gala event that’s going to happen on, about the 20th October, I understand.
Kevin Turner: Now the Stevie awards, and I’ve got to admit that I hadn’t heard of them before, but I’ve done a little bit of research. They are international business awards. They’re amongst the world’s premier business awards programme, and Biggin and Scott Knox have taken out three of the international awards.
Kevin Turner: Joining me as a recipient of one of those awards is Danelle Hunter, managing director of Biggin and Scott Knox. Danelle, congratulations.
Danelle Hunter: Thank you very much. It’s exciting.
Kevin Turner: Oh, very, very exciting. Well, just to quickly run through. Your company, you’ve won the gold Stevie award in the company of the year category, which is just phenomenal. Also the silver Stevie for customer service department of the year. And you also took out an award for that more locally too, which we may get a chance to talk about. And the bronze award to yourself as managing director of the company. Wow, that’s just phenomenal. Congratulations.
Danelle Hunter: Thank you very much.
Kevin Turner: So what does this mean to your company?
Danelle Hunter: Obviously exciting because we can be recognised internationally I suppose. So just having a different type of award that we can be recognised for is always a plus in the market place. We’re trying to get business and everything. And to me personally, being Woman of the Year internationally, it’s very exciting. Even though it’s only a bronze medal, but it’s better than nothing.
Kevin Turner: Oh wow. No, I think it’s phenomenal. It’s a great feather in your cap. I mentioned that you’d taken out a customer service award. Was that earlier this year, or was that last year?
Danelle Hunter: That was late last year for through the areas they call them, and that was for me, yeah, for customer service.
Kevin Turner: Yeah. That Melbourne market that you operate in, you know, one of the most competitive markets, not only in Australia, but in the world. So for you to take out these awards must be pretty thrilling for your company, for the whole team.
Danelle Hunter: Yes, it is, and I get a trip to London out of it.
Kevin Turner: Well, you can’t complain about that can you?
Danelle Hunter: No.
Kevin Turner: Are you going to take a bit of a break while you’re there?
Danelle Hunter: Yeah. I might quickly pop across to France and Italy while I’m there.
Kevin Turner: Oh yes. Yes. No, that’s the thing to do when you’re in London. You’re that close to France, you can’t not go in there.
Kevin Turner: Can we just quickly talk about the Melbourne market? Still lots of, you know, word about pressure on prices and oversupply of units. What are you guys seeing at present?
Danelle Hunter: Yeah, it definitely has changed. We’re finding that things are staying on the market a lot longer than normal. We’ve got, yeah prices have come down a little bit, but I suppose we’re still able to get good prices on some of them. It’s just taking a lot longer to sell them, and trying to educate the vendors as well.
Kevin Turner: As we head towards spring of course, you know, that’s the peak selling time. The Melbourne market to me seems to have held up fairly well. I mean Sydney’s gone through a bit of a topsy-turvy, you know, well particularly with their clearance rates. But Melbourne seems to have held up fairly well.
Danelle Hunter: Yeah, it’s not too bad. They’re still, like I said, they’re still selling. They’re just taking a bit longer at the moment so it’s just a matter of yeah, keep just doing what we’re doing and getting buyers through and yeah, they will sell.
Kevin Turner: I guess from a seller’s, yeah from a seller’s point of view too, it’s fairly critical that they get an agent who is actually going to keep them in touch and does understand what the market’s all about. Because it’s not just a matter of waiting. It’s a matter of presentation. It’s also a matter of pricing and understanding what the market, where the market’s headed, Danelle.
Danelle Hunter: Definitely, and I think obviously, newer agents in real estate haven’t sort of dealt with a difficult market before. So the more experienced agents are still doing well, but some of the newer ones to real estate are struggling a little bit, trying to get their vendors in line with the market.
Kevin Turner: Well done. Congratulations, Danelle. Danelle Hunter who is a director of Biggin and Scott Knox has taken out, she and her team have taken out three awards in the international Stevie awards. Bronze, silver and the big one, gold. So congratulations. Enjoy your trip. Have a bit of a break and take in some French wine on my behalf.
Danelle Hunter: I will.
Kevin Turner: Good on you, Danelle. Congratulations again. Thank you.
Danelle Hunter: Thank you.

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