Use it or dump it | Sack bad people | Remove ego

Assassins are people who shoot down your ideas, attack your plans and assassinate your enthusiasm.

It’s hard enough taking on a challenging project like a real estate career without being torpedoed from someone who’s supposed to be in your corner. We tell you what to do about them today.

Peter Hawtin talks about why so many agents fail with CRM and Daniel Hayes says you need to work “on” your business more than “in” it.

Coach – Ray Wood – Beating the deadly dream destroyers

  • The assassins
  • Sack them
  • Take advice from those you respect

Working Smarter – Daniel Hayes – Why so many agents fail when they move from sales

  • The best business owners work on their business not in it.
  • Remove ego
  • Build people

Skill – Having a CRM is one thing but if you don’t use it to its full potential it is a waste.

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