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Is there too much emphasis on the goal and not the process? That is what Craig Hadfield will discuss today and Tara Bradbury encourages you to have some fun with your KPI’s.

We also hear from Mark Kentwell as he gives us the steps on the journey to success.

Coach – Craig Hadfield – Its all in your mind

  • Focus on the process not the outcome
  • Don’t fixate on the goal
  • Fail with the actions and you will fail on the goal

Working Smarter – Mark Kentwell – If success is a journey, what are the steps?

  • Mix with winners
  • Be quick to cut what is not working
  • Vibrating at the same frequency
  • It is in the language you use

Friday Comment – KPI’s can be fun and Tara Bradbury has some examples

Last Word from Mark Dwyer

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