Buyers want location | What is second class marketing? | Stop giving settlement gifts


I’m sure you will have noticed that buyers always want more than they can afford so how do buyers agents cater for that? That’s the question we put today to Bryce Holdaway and Luke Newton explains what “second class marketing” is all about.

We also tell you why you should stop giving settlement gifts.

Coach – Luke Newton – What you need to run a great CRM

  • Simple buyer communication method
  • Think second class marketing
  • Sell buyers on your CRM

Working Smarter – Bryce Holdaway – How critical is price?

  • Buyers want location
  • Buyers want more than they can afford
  • Negotiate on terms not price

Skill – Do you give a settlement gift?  Peter Gilchrist says ‘stop it now, it sends the wrong message’.  He has a suggestion about how to better show your appreciation.

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