Mat does not do ‘balance’

While Mat does not feel he needs balance in his day, he does focus on the moments in time that will deliver his balance.

Topic – get your head right and your career follows

Mentor – Mat Steinwede

See Mat at RESE on 26th and 27th July.

  • Grab some ‘moments in time’
  • Structure your day so you can sustain high energy
  • Take a cold shower

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Kevin Turner: Yesterday with Mat Steinwede, who’s our guest all this week on REUNCUT, we were talking about responsibility, the blame game. Energy; that extra energy can only come about, Mat , that you put into your business if you’ve got the balance in your life right. Would you agree with that?

Mat Steinwede: Yeah, definitely. I know we talk about balance a lot. The reality is, I don’t have a lot of balance. I work a lot, but I do grab moments in time which seemed to keep me fueled. So the mornings I own completely with surfing, or the gym, or something. Getting the kids ready, making sure life’s sort of in sync. That tends to set me up for the day.

Mat Steinwede: Then during the day there’s little breathing techniques that I do which helps me stay centered. Sometimes I can get so much work coming in and so many calls and things that it becomes a bit overwhelming. Grabbing those five minutes just to do the breathing or even just go and sit somewhere in the car of have a nap in the car … I’ve done that a billion times. Being really aware of how to keep your energy steady. That’s pretty much the balance in my world. I’m never going to … I don’t think I’ll ever achieve that euphoric, gee my life is such a balanced, amazing thing … Holidays and all of this. I don’t take many holidays, I don’t take many days off. I only take Sundays off, but I own every single morning to make sure my energy’s fueled.

Mat Steinwede: I do want people to understand not to get too caught up trying to work out the balance or the illusion of balance. It’s probably something more that’s how do you structure your day so you can sustain high energy through your day? That’s probably more the balance that I would go for myself.

Kevin Turner: It’s interesting to hear you talk like that. I guess it depends on your definition of balance, doesn’t it? Balance doesn’t have to be even. In essence, that’s actually what you do is that you do even out your day. You take the breaks, you do your breathing, you own the mornings as you said. But it’s all about not having those massive big peaks and troughs.

Mat Steinwede: Yeah it is. I find it also [inaudible 00:02:18] why holidays I don’t take many of them, because you come back and it’s almost like you feel like starting again. Obviously the end of the year. But if you look across the whole week, what’s your commitment around … Sleep is so important.

Kevin Turner: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Mat Steinwede: You feel fully recharged from a sleep. You almost don’t need to do too much else. Sleep is the most powerful, under-spoken about thing I reckon in the pursuit of success. Some people say, and I hear it often, three hours sleep that’s all you need. Not a hope in hell I could do that. If I’m in bed by 9 o’clock and I’m up by 5 o’clock and I’ve had a really good sleep, the day is almost bulletproof, the next day. So if you go for something, do something that excites you in the morning, gets the blood pumping; I have cold showers. So as soon as I wake up, a three minute cold shower. Winter, Summer, doesn’t Mater.

Kevin Turner: Goodness.

Mat Steinwede: Then I go off, surf, or the gym, or something. Come back, then put myself in the zone. Eating breakfast. I really don’t do too much else in that time. When the day comes, my blood’s pumping. I’m ready to go. My mindset is clicked in, and then I’m ready for the day to go and do battle.

Kevin Turner: Yeah. I don’t know that I could handle the three minute cold showers. I suppose that’s a forerunner for you getting in the surf, too. You’re still surfing in Winter?

Mat Steinwede: Yeah, yeah. All the time. The cold showers are great for energy, aging, increasing your immunity, flexibility, oxygenating your blood. It’s pretty good, if you look into it. I don’t have warm showers too much anymore. Every now and then I’ll have a warm shower after a surf, but that’s it.

Kevin Turner: Yeah. I’ll take that on notice, Mat. I will give it a try. I might wait until we’re out of this Winter spell, I think, before I give that a shot.

Kevin Turner: Great talking to you. Tomorrow I want to talk about success and failure. It’s often been said that your ability to handle failure and rejection is going to be in direct proportion to success in this industry, so I want to get your take on that. Mat Steinwede is my guest, all this week. Mat of course is one of the speakers at the RESE Conference, coming up on the 26th and 27th of July, all the details available on the button on our homepage.

Kevin Turner: Mat, great talking to you, mate. Talk to you again tomorrow morning.

Mat Steinwede: See you, mate.

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