Incentives – good or bad? + Understand your audience

When you start a blog you’ll soon discover that one of the biggest challenges is what to say and when to say. Karen Hutton helps with that today, Shannon Davis talks about incentives in the rent roll and we learn about what to do if you are unexpectedly confronted by a dog at a property inspection.

Blogging success – Setting up and running your blog

Karen Hutton

  • What to blog about
  • Understand your reader
  • Learn about them and talk ‘to’ them

Starting a rent Roll

Shannon Davis

  • Incentives
  • Too much or too little
  • Do they work?
  • Who should be incentivised?

Property Management – What do you do when you are confronted by a dog at a property?  Dog expert Martin Dominic joins Mark Creedon to help in that situation

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