Clean fish in a dirty pond + Invest in you

Today Will Hampson catches up with one of Luton’s top performers and John McCloskey looks at where we go wrong with training.

The Luton story  

Will Hampson and Jason Roses

  • Training is underrated
  • Continual improvement
  • Invest in your own improvement

STOP training individuals

John McCloskey

  • Traditional leadership training isn’t working
  • Clean fish, dirty pond
  • Only reserved for middle management and not the whole team
  • Don’t build leaders through short term, one off training

Property Management – Incentives play a big part in in the ‘healthy’ growth of any business. Get it wrong and it will impact both the business owner and the BDM.  Tara Bradbury outlines how to incentivise a BDM.

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  1. What is a BDM?

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