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Mentor – Nick Ogden

  • The team in the Philippines
  • You will be surprised how much training happens in the Philippines
  • While PM is a key function think about sales support and lead generation


Kevin Turner: Outsourcing has been our subject this week, and our guest is Nick Ogden. Nick is from Beepo, and if you want to talk to Beepo about outsourcing, find out if it’s right for you, your team, your office, then Nick is the person to talk to you. You can reach Nick by going to the Beepo website using anyone of the links right here at REUNCUT.

Kevin Turner: Nick, welcome to the show again. This is our last segment, and I thought it’s appropriate that we talk about communicating with the Beepo support team who I’ve found to be absolutely fabulous. Tell us about some of the people you’ve got on the team in the Philippines, what they do on the ground, and what their experience is working with real estate agents?

Nick Ogden: Yeah, great, great, Kevin. We’ve got a really extensive team in the Philippines these days. We have Adrian Guevara who heads up the real estate team. He’s got four team leaders beneath him which are there to help him and support the business owners in day-to-day operations. We also have two dedicated trainers as well. So we have two dedicated trainers that are there to help support in training in software and the tools that the staff might need to use on a day-to-day basis as well.

Kevin Turner: Yeah, those trainers are very important, because I think they instill in your team in the Philippines how real estate works in Australia, ’cause it does actually work a little bit differently in Australia than it does in the Philippines, and they need to understand that. We actually met Adrian on our tour around the Beepo office in that video tour, which was really good. He was actually able to show us, or I think Matt showed us where the real estate team fits.

Kevin Turner: So in the Beepo office itself, it’s not just real estate. You’re helping a lot of businesses, Nick, aren’t you?

Nick Ogden: Yeah, indeed. We’ve certainly had really good growth in the real estate space, but it’s far from our only industry. We work with a whole range of different businesses and business types in technology, yeah, really wide-ranging, actually. It’s really great. I think it’s one of our strengths, actually, that we learn so much from some of the other industries and from some of the other business owners that we’re engaged with, and it really does help us in the other industries and bringing benefit from that.

Kevin Turner: Let’s look specifically, before I let you go, at some of the areas that outsourcing can help with a real estate office. The obvious ones like there’s client support, there’s booking, there’s sending out emails, putting together competitive market analysis, even helping with social media, monitoring emails and so on. What are some of the other duties that you’ve seen top agents and agencies outsource, Nick?

Nick Ogden: Property management support is the area where I would say we get the best result, and certainly most of our team’s close to 100 staff now. In fact, we quick  over our 100 staff member this month just in real estate, but most of those staff would be working in property management support roles.

Nick Ogden: Now, in those roles, we’ve basically broken down the property management assistant role into day-to-day operational tasks, but for each one of those operational tasks we have all of the workflows, all of the operational procedure documents already documented, so it’s really easy for an agency to be able to tap into that resource for the first time. But not just in property management, of course we’ve got sales support and lead generation, marketing support, and even in accounts.

Kevin Turner: And video editing, too, is another big area that’s certainly an area. Video and audio editing. Even working the websites, working on graphics and so on, so there’s a lot of areas that you can be helped in.

Kevin Turner: The other advantage too is, and you mentioned earlier in the week about Cloud based systems like Property Tree, one of our supporters. They’re quite capable of working in the back-end of that as well, Nick.

Nick Ogden: Yeah, absolutely. The Cloud based platforms really are the best for us because just real easy to get set up, but also really much better tools for us from a security point of view as well, just the IT solutions available when it comes to data security, which is one of the biggest issues for us. We’re always in front of the curve when it comes to data security and privacy. The Cloud based applications just make it much easier for us to lock that information down.

Kevin Turner: Yeah, security a key thing, and actually we drilled right into security with Matt when we did that virtual tour of Beepo, so if you haven’t watched that video, go and have a look at it because there is a section in there where we deal specifically with security, how your data is accessed, not accessed, how it’s locked down, and the security around the Beepo office as well we’re having a look at.

Kevin Turner: Nick, it’s been great talking to you this week, mate. Thank you so much for your time and your continued support of our program. We do appreciate it, and I love working with your team in the Philippines as well. So thanks for your time, Nick.

Nick Ogden: No worries. Thanks again, Kevin. Much appreciated.

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