The mindset required for success in a changing market

Success is all about mindset. We look for the short path to success, and the short path is actually getting your mind right.

Topic – Mindset for a changing market

Mentor – Rik Rushton

  • Our thinking determines ‘what next’
  • Our mind goes wherever we ask it to focus
  • What is your dominant thought?

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Kevin Turner: Success is all about mindset. We look for the short path to success, and the short path is actually getting your mind right. Get your mind right, and the rest is gonna fall into place. That’s the topic we’re talking about today, the mindset required for success in a changing market, with our guest mentor, Rik Rushton. Good morning, Rik.

Rik Rushton: Good morning, Kevin.

Kevin Turner: We’re gonna get another rush of wisdom today, from Rik Rushton. Let’s talk about mindset, mate. What do we need to do? Get our minds right for the day.

Rik Rushton: Well, it all starts with our thinking. So, the moment we wake, our thinking determines what happens next, and it’s really pretty much like anything we’ve got, whether it be a motor car, a smart phone, a computer or a tablet. Data in, data out. So, if we put the right information in, we’ll get the right information back out. And, it all starts with our thinking. So, positive in, we’re gonna get positive out. Negative in, my gosh we’re in all sorts of trouble. If we say, “Oh, my gosh, today is a Thursday, I don’t like Thursdays.” Well, guess what? Your mind starts looking for all the negativity that you can find around your Thursday day, whatever that looks like. And, it’s no different to anybody who’s listening to this audio programme, right now, Kevin, who have bought a car.

Rik Rushton: The car they’ve got, right now, that they are driving to the marketplace, right now, that vehicle, when they were researching that vehicle, whether they bought it off the lot, or off the production line, or off a third part, the moment they started researching that car, they’re mindful about the make, and model, the year, the features. They started seeing that car absolutely everywhere on the roads they drove. The question I ask you is, was that car there prior to you making the decision to actually buy it? And, the answer is yes. My next question is, did you see it before you decided to buy that vehicle? And, the answer is no. And, why not? Because they’re minds weren’t looking for it.

Rik Rushton: Our minds are a bit like exocet missiles, Kevin, they just go to whatever we ask for them to focus in on. So, if that’s what you’re thinking, how you think, in turn, is how you feel. How you feel, in turn, is how you act. What your actions are determines where you’re focus on. And, as you and I both know, Kevin, where your focus goes energy flows. So, let’s get the thinking right. If we can get that smart, positive, “What’s the opportunity today?” Not, “What’s the difficulty today?” “What’s the opportunity in the market today? Where’s the opportunity for me to improve today? What’s the chance I’ve got to help someone move to a better place, today, as both a buyer and a seller? Where is my focus gonna go today?” And, if it’s towards the positive, it will start with your thinking, and that’s really a discipline you gotta have in this current market.

Kevin Turner: How often, in life, and I’ve met many of them, people who just seem to attract trouble, or attract disaster? It’s all about their mindsets, what they focus on. We all have obstacles in our lives, Rik, it’s whether or not we choose to be a victim to that, or whether we focus on it, or whether we move on and try and look at that as an obstacle that we’re gonna overcome.

Rik Rushton: Yeah. Again, it does get back to where your focus goes, because if you’re a golfer and you’re focusing on the water and the sand trap, well, guess where the ball’s gonna go? But, if you’re focusing on, “Where’s the opportunity for me to hit through those two obstacles to get to the goal I want, the flag that’s in the middle of that green? If I shift my focus to there, the outcome’s what we’re looking for.” If everybody listening to this programme, right now, were told, “Whatever you do, do not picture a large red balloon flying against a blue background,” you start finding your mind going towards a red balloon against a blue sky. The question is, why are we doing that when we’re told not to do it? The brain doesn’t understand do or don’t do. It only understands the dominant goal.

Rik Rushton: You’re spelunker and if you’re dominant thought is to the negative, well, guess what you’ll find? The negative. If your dominant thought is to the positive, well, I think we all know we can join those dots, we know what that’s gonna do. It’s gonna help us move towards the positive. So, from the moment you wake, and your feet hit terra firma, start thinking positively. Start getting your day going, ask better questions of yourself, not, “I don’t like Mondays,” or, “I don’t like Tuesdays,” or, “What can I like about today? Where’s my opportunity today?” And, set your mind for success, that’s the mindset that’s required in this current market.

Kevin Turner: That’s why great sports people will actually visualize before they actually take an action, swing at the ball, or make a kick. You’ve only gotta look at footballer. You watched them, they can actually watch where the ball’s gonna go, and guess what? Most times it does.

Rik Rushton: Well, that’s why they do it in their head so that’s how they do it in practice, and they’re exactly the same. So, as we set ourselves up, we let visual intent of what we want this outcome to look like. For many of the best agents I know and coach, they’ll sit out at the front of the property before they walk in, they’ll start visualizing their connection with the vendors. They’ll start visualizing how they’re gonna go. They’ll have a sense of calmness about them, because, at the end of the day, that’s really what our guest caller’s looking for in shifting markets … Certainly looks like we’ve got some certainty around what they’re doing, not guessing. I want to know that the person’s quite good at that.

Rik Rushton: That little pre-rehearsal, that requires visualization, as you say, practicing  your swing, visualizing the ball going through the goals, all things we can do as well, to help us mashed-down with this market.

Kevin Turner: Rik Rushton, our guest this week, we’ll come back tomorrow morning, we’ll round this out. We’re gonna have conversation tomorrow about some of the hard decisions, some of the hard conversations you need to take in the current market. Rik Rushton is our guest, the website, just use one of the links on one of the pages. This week on REUNCUT that’ll take you to

Kevin Turner: Rik, talk to you in the morning.

Rik Rushton: Look forward to it, mate. Thank you.

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