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Topic – Truly independent

Mentor – Paul Davies

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Kevin:   My guest all this week has been Paul Davies from One Agency. Paul, I want to round the series out by just asking you, and you’ll probably go back over some of the things that we’ve already covered this week, but I think that’s important to do that. I want you to describe what you see as the typical successful agent, knowing that you’ve come out of the agency world yourself and you’re probably still very involved in it because of your running of One Agency, but what do you see as the typical successful agent, both One Agent and generally, and also your tips for aspiring agents, how they can grow a business.

Paul:   Mmm, all right. Good morning, Kevin, yes.

Kevin:   Morning.

Paul:   Yes, it’s a pleasure. It’s a very broad question because there’s no such thing as a typical agent, to be honest. They’re all different in many, many different ways, shapes, and sizes, the sort of figures they can write, the types of property they sell, whether they want a small or a large business, so forth and so on.

Kevin:   I guess it depends how you describe success too, doesn’t it?

Paul:   Well, yes it does. That’s a personal thing, and I don’t try to impose what I feel is successful for an agent. I like to try and understand where an agent sees themselves and where they would like to go, and then my job is to help or empower them to achieve that end. Whatever that might be, I’m happy for them. This is where I work every day at One Agency, talking with agents, developing an understanding of their capabilities, where they want to go, what would be involved in developing themselves in order to make the steps that are necessary, and that’s an important point, Kevin, because I speak to a lot of agents, hundreds, and it never ceases to amaze me. I meet some agents and they are just, they’re incredible, much better than I ever was, heaps better. They write big figures. They are beautifully presented. They’re articulate, intelligent, hard working, decent people, right? And I look at them and I think I couldn’t stop you with a tractor. If I tried, I couldn’t stop you, and yet they look at me and they say do you really think I could run a business, Paul?

Kevin:   Yeah, it’s incredible, isn’t it?

Paul:   And I go, oh my God, my God, so-

Kevin:   Is that what makes them so good, though, the fact that they don’t believe, like if you believe a lot of that stuff in yourself, you’re probably not as good as what you really believe you are.

Paul:   Yes, I think that’s a point, but for me, it’s about saying to that person, look, I understand that you’re apprehensive about this, and I was too when I opened my first business. Everybody is. It’s normal, and the reason that everyone’s like that and it’s normal is that you’re thinking about stepping forward into an area that you don’t understand yet. That causes apprehension and fear, but the hardest part, and I wrote a book that any of your listeners is very welcome to get from me, we’ll post it out to them, How to Profit in Real Estate Business Ownership, and I go into all the various aspects of owning and operating a business, but making the decision is the hardest thing, the hardest thing. All you’ve got to do is say yes, I want to do this, and then it is absolutely possible for any agent, and the agent that I described writing massive figures and everything perfect, that was just an extreme exaggeration, because I do see agents like that and it amazes me.

Paul:   Then you’ve got the other agents, they’re only writing small figures, maybe they haven’t been in the industry for a long time, but they work hard. They’ve developed the right skills. They’re doing the work required to grow their business, and they can grow their business either working for somebody else or they can grow their business under their own enterprise. Both works.

Kevin:   Yes, it’s very personal, isn’t it, that question about how do you define success, what is it you’re really looking for. Paul, you mentioned earlier that you’d be willing to provide that book of yours free of charge. We’ll put your email address below. If you’d like to use that, or just give me your email address, and it will go into this commentary, Paul.

Paul:   Yeah, sure. PaulD at One Agency, O-N-E A-G-E-N-C-Y, dot com dot AU.

Kevin:   Okay, well that’ll appear, yeah, that’ll appear in the commentary below. Just send Paul an email and just refer to the book, and thank you for that generous offer, Paul, of being willing to post that out free of charge. I think that’s wonderful. Thank you.

Paul:   Oh, my pleasure.

Kevin:   Paul, it’s been great talking to you this week. I really appreciate your time and your insight, and congratulations on what you’re doing with One Agency. I think it provides a perfect platform for those wanting to develop their own independent style, and all of these models just helping drive our industry to become a lot more successful and professional, so I thank you very much for your time, Paul. Great talking to you, and every success in the world with One Agency.

Paul:   Oh, thank you so much, Kevin. All the best to you as well.


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