Welcome to Australia + Home ownership dream + The London micro-flat

What’s made the news this week?
Watch (or listen) as Kieran and Kevin catch up to discuss the stories that grabbed their attention this week.
1. Welcome to Australia – now move on!
Regional politicians are pushing back against the federal government’s forced-migration plan, fearing they’ll become a dumping ground for Sydney… READ MORE
2. Home ownership dream is still alive
THEY are the young, ambitious entrepreneurs that are determined to climb the housing ladder, no matter what it takes… READ MORE
3. Apartment that’s Streeps ahead
Celebrity real estate listings are a common affair in New York, but it’s only every so often that those listings are for actual celebrity royalty… READ MORE
4. The London micro-flat
Both have quit their jobs working for respected architecture firms and set up a new design studio together where they can take their ideas further… READ MORE

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