What we are learning from these great leaders

REUNCUT and Business DEPOT have joined together to ask top business leaders one simple question……

“If you had your time again – what would you do differently”

The answers have been frank, to the point and very enlightening.

In this 12 minute podcast, I ask John Knight and Jacob Aldridge from Business DEPOT to give me their ‘take aways’.  What have they picked up from listening to these leaders.

You can get access to the series NOW – it is FREE!

Have a listen to what we picked up from listening to:- Amber Werchon, Andrew Bell, Ash Marton, Craig Marshall, Dane Atherton, Doug Driscoll, Ewan Morton, Gary Peer, Haesley Cush, John Cunningham, John McGrath, Matt Lancashire, Megan Jaffe, Paul Curtain, Sherrie Storor

They have not all been released but you will certainly have a load of good listening over the Christmas/New Year period and we will let you know when we release a new one – normally one every week.

This is our way of saying thank you and all the best for 2018!

Listen to this podcast and then get into the full series.

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