What makes a good BDM? | What influences price? | Predictable surprises


What are the different skill sets required to be good BDM and a good property manager? Are they all that different? We’ll find out today. Also today Peter Hutton shares with us the dynamics that influence price and Chris Hanley says you need to be ready for the predictable surprises when it comes to negotiation.

Coach – Chris Hanley – Negotiation tips

  • Predictable surprises
  • Be ready for them
  • Sit down with an experienced person

Working Smarter – Peter Hutton – Nailing the LOVE price

  • Step-2 PRICE:
  • What influences the price? (The 6 Dynamics)
  • Days on market – the lethal stigma
  • The price deterrent

Property Management – What makes a good BDM?  What is the difference between a good BDM and a good property manager?

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