What do you want? | Forget CV’s | You become who you hang with

When you are recruiting, what should you be looking for? According to Peter Gilchrist there is only one trait you need to concentrate on and he tells you how to find it.

Glenn Twiddle can tell us what all the great performers have in common, and agent of the year, John Paranchi, has some words of inspiration to launch you into a big weekend.

Coach – Glenn Twiddle – Lessons from the field

  • The mindset behind the early steps
  • What the great performers have in common
  • Easy to do – easy not to do

Working Smarter – Peter Gilchrist – No 1 business growth activity

  • No 1 thing to look for and how to find it
  • CV’s are useless
  • The litmus test

Friday Comment – John Paranchi has the comment of the week about who you keep company with.

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