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The lack of understanding around the usefulness of prepared questions is often amazing. When you are dealing face-to-face with another person, your success rate in winning that person over is directly related to whether you are liked as a person – so says Allan Pease.

No one likes to admit they are wrong. You can use this principal in negotiation by taking time to understand what motivates others and speak to them in their own language.

Coach – Allan Pease – Conversation killers

  • Not Being Able to Think of Things to Ask
  • How much they like you
  • Your ability to ask prepared questions

Working Smarter – Maya Saric – Selecting viable salespeople

  • How to hold onto them
  • Loyalty and love
  • Retention starts on day 1

Friday Comment – We tend to feel pressured to behave consistent with the choices we have made. No one likes to admit they were wrong.  This is the next universal principle of influence.

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