The right people on the bus | An overused term | Team mix


Look at most advertising and you’ll see words like “limited offer”, “closes this weekend” or “limited edition collectors items.” How can you use this principle of scarcity in your negotiations?

The mix in your team is critical to building culture says John Knight and on the same topic David Faulkner says it is critical to have the right people on the bus.

Coach – John Knight – People Performance

  • Recruitment and team mix
  • Cater for writers at all levels
  • Staff mix is the key for the bottom line

Working Smarter – David Faulkner – Property Management Master Class

  • Right people on the bus
  • How we do things here
  • Standards define culture

Friday Comment – The feeling that we may miss out on something special or unique will drive us to take action. Things always seem more valuable if there’s an element scarcity. Hard-to-get things are perceived as better than easy-to-get things. Michael Yardney shares the final of six universal principles of influence.

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