The challenge of focusing on high value tasks

Aimee Engelmann – one of the experts on #RealReach – discusses the biggest challenge we face that outsourcing can solve.

Topic – #RealReach – Outsourcing 

Mentor – Aimee Engelmann

  • The biggest challenge we face
  • Expand and stay focused
  • Big, small or just starting out – outsourcing will work

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Kevin Turner: Well, all this week we’ve been telling you about #RealReach which is the online coaching and training for real estate principles platform that we’ve built in conjunction with Business Depot. One of the experts that we have there is Aimee Engelmann who is no stranger to our show. Aimee, of course, from Beepo, the brains behind Beepo that’s what I say.

Aimee Engelmann: Oh, thank you Kevin. Thank you for that kind compliment. Though I will add that I have an amazing team that I work with that helps bring the vision to life.

Kevin Turner: Yeah. Well, and in fact some of the people, I mean, we obviously work very closely with Beepo. We’ve got two people in the Beepo team, and you’d be aware if you watch some of our videos. But, online … using people online like this is becoming very common for Australian real estate agents and agencies, Aimee.

Aimee Engelmann: Yes it is. And, you know, everyone is facing the same challenge day to day, which is, you know, how do they focus on the high value tasks that really engage with their customer. You know, whether that be a tenant or landlord, someone who’s potentially listing. And then how do they, within their day, get rid of the things that are really not important in terms of revenue generating or relationship building. And, you know, that’s not just the real estate industry, that’s every business. Every business has this challenge. Yeah, so it’s a very, very important part of what we do.

Kevin Turner: Yeah, well I can speak from experience. I mean, our business, while we don’t sell real estate we’re involved in the real estate industry. But, having two people on the Beepo team has allowed me to expand what I do, become a lot more productive and stay focused, which I think is the word you use there too. You can focus on those really dollar producing activities, Aimee.

Aimee Engelmann: Yes. And, no matter what stage you are within that business journey whether it’s early and you’re in that building your agency or building your rent role. Or whether it’s a more mature business, or you’ve got a fantastic database and you’ve got that ongoing relationship. It doesn’t really matter what stage you are in that business, it’s so crucial to making your business more efficient and effective, when ultimately builds to more profit.

Kevin Turner: Hmm. The training is the big thing when you’re bringing on people overseas to work with you. Training them, then monitoring what they do. But there are so many tools now available to make that quite an easy task, Aimee.

Aimee Engelmann: Yes. Training is the one thing that, especially if you hear about what we’re saying to our clients and helping them with their goal about training, training, training, training.

Kevin Turner: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Aimee Engelmann: In fact, now we have our own training team in Beepo to assist our clients, we start … Some of the tools that we love and we find are fantastic for anyone to jump in and use, they’re free tools. They’re great for any sort of remote staff member. Even a remote staff member that might be working in Australia that you’re working with.

Aimee Engelmann: A term called Zoom and it’s a desktop application, you can also run it on your phone. It allows you to basically have a video conference meeting with your staff member who’s outside of Australia, or not in your office. You can is something called screen share which means you can run through how to do something on your screen and talk to it, and the staff member on the other side of the world can see and watch that. But even better than that it has a record function.

Kevin Turner: Hmm. That’s right.

Aimee Engelmann: You quite simply press record while you’re doing that training and then that training is recorded for the staff member to refer back to later on.

Kevin Turner: Yeah, and I think that’s with key thing. That is that, do it once and that’s all you have to do. And that’s certainly how we’ve trained our people. They’ve got videos on everything. Even if there is a change over, and sometimes these things happen, you may be to change a staff member, it’s so easy for them to transition in, watch those videos and then pick up on the work flow. Very easily, Aimee.

Aimee Engelmann: Oh, absolutely. And the other, kind of, killer efficiency tip I have with training is that to really make sure that, that process is entrenched and the staff member understands it you can actually have them write a process document off the back of that video too. So, you can use screenshots from that video. The video itself and cut in, you know, stop and have instructions made. But if you have the staff member repeat back that process and create that process document for the future then it means that it’s really entrenched. You know that learning’s really entrenched. But then you’ve got that resource forevermore.

Kevin Turner: Yeah. And just one other point on that too is that nothing ever stays the same. And if you have it documented in that way and there are some tweaks and changes or developments to it, it’s simply a matter, then, of just updating that document and keeping it live all the time, Aimee.

Aimee Engelmann: Yeah. Absolutely. It’s that whole, you know, recording, taking that, creating a process document, having it there as a resource for, then the ongoing changes. Something we do in our business all the time is actually have an instructional designer that floats through the business. And even can help staff with that, and help them do that, and provide extra support at that, kind of, next level to help them think about how they might design a work flow, or how would they design a process document, so.

Kevin Turner: Yeah. That was certainly the purpose of this chat was to just give you a bit of an insight that it’s more than just having someone work for you in the Philippines, it’s a whole system that comes behind it that allows you to take your business to a whole new level. Aimee Engelmann has been my guest. Aimee is from Beepo. You can use anyone of the buttons on anyone of the pages on REUNCUT to take you through to Beepo. Get a really detailed look at what they do, and how they can help you.

Kevin Turner: Aimee, once again, thank you and thank you for your contribution to #RealReach as well.

Aimee Engelmann: No, no problem at all. There’s great resources that I’ve added within the #RealReach fleet. So if you’re interested on learning more there’s a great session that I’ve got in there which will teach you all the basics around what you need to know to be successful. What are your considerations, and what are the next steps.

Kevin Turner: Wonderful. That’s #RealReach, and you can once again, reach that through REUNCUT it’s a platform we’re building. Online coaching and training for real estate principles. Were doing that with Business Depot.

Kevin Turner: Aimee Engelmann thank you so much for your time.

Aimee Engelmann: Thanks Kevin, it’s always a pleasure.

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