The breakfast group | Lower vacancies | A non-negotiable item


More today from Andrew Keleher and Phil Harris who tell us to surround ourselves with big thinkers and set high standards.

We introduce a new person into our property management section, Dave Skow, who has some tips on keeping your vacancies low.

Coach – Andrew Keleher – Surround yourself with big thinkers

  • Get a group together
  • A breakfast group
  • Share ideas and problems

Working Smarter – Phil Harris – Set high standards

  • Develop a quality plan
  • Treat your prospecting plan as not negotiable
  • Don’t wing it

Property Management – Dave Skow started a stand alone PM business 15 months ago and has grown it organically.  He shares an idea that will help keep your vacancies low.

Last Word: Sherrie Storor

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