The 6 P’s | Clearance rates are down | The measure of your success

It all comes down to mindset. How often have you heard that? But Jay Standley says it is how he is so successful. Brock Gurr tells us about the 6P’s of presentation and Mark Frater talks about a trend he has observed.

Coach – Jay Standley – How to sell more than 200 properties a year

  • Mindset
  • Learn how to handle failure and rejection
  • The measure of how successful you will be

Working Smarter – Brock Gurr – A structured presentation

  • The agenda for the presentation
  • The 6 P’s
  • Cover everything – be thorough – close often

Friday Comment – Mark Frater talks a bout a trend that will help you work smarter. Clearance rates are less but we are selling more. What’s happening?

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