Staff don’t want training + Tips on growing a sales business

This week our mobile mentor, Will Hampson hits the road to catch up with some of the team from Luton Properties in Canberra. Our other guest this week is John McCloskey who discusses team engagement.

The Luton story

Will Hampson and Craig Sheargold

  • Growing a sales business
  • Strip back to look at culture
  • Set down the railway tracks

STOP training individuals

John McCloskey

  • it’s not giving you the results you want!
  • Staff don’t want more training
  • Engagement and leadership gaps are where it is at
  • How would you know if your team were actually on board with the mission?

Marketing MondayJason Andrew looks at how we present our selves to the market.  He highlights 3 models and tells us what the smart agents are doing – the 4th method.

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