Social Media NOT Business Media | Any role can be modelled | The authority position

It’s possible to model just about any role and provide a similar type of interview guide as well as a list of what this person should look like personality wise, so that you can get a good feel for the type of person you’re looking for.

Coach – Martyn Rogers – Recruiting with an ‘edge’.

  • It’s possible to model just about any role
  • Some roles like PA to the principal of an agency will need to be benchmarked by the principal.
  • Property managers come in all shapes and size

Working Smarter – Michael Sheargold – How will you generate business?

  • Specialist area marketing
  • Get an area to be known in
  • Marketing vs advertising
  • Take the authority position
  • Marketing aligned to service

Skill – There is a reason it is called SOCIAL Media and not BUSINESS Media. Mark Dwyer challenges our thinking about how we use social media.

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