Show and tell | Selling hundreds of properties | First impressions

The most elite sales people who are great listing converters, work with a structured listing presentation according to Brock Gurr from WA. He questions the delivery.

This week you will hear how to list enough stock to sell 200 properties a year.

Show and tell | Selling hundreds of properties

Coach – Jay Standley – How to sell more than 200 properties a year

  • Manage
  • Communication
  • Touch base 3 times a week

Working Smarter – Brock Gurr – A structured presentation

  • Your presentation could be ‘the first impression”
  • Where we go wrong with setting the scene
  • Lay the foundation for a good presentation

Marketing Monday – Mark Frater tells us how to sell the concept by listening to what people really want. Show and tell, be prepared and take everything you need.

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