People performance | Landlords 2% rule | The agenda for a set to sell meeting


People performance is essential for performance on the bottom line too. At a recent breakfast Matt Lancashire and Dane Atherton shared some of the key ingredients for great people performance.

John Knight from Business Depot takes us through some of the key things discussed from a people perspective that helps with the bottom line numbers.

We look at what goes into an agenda for a set to sell meeting and we hear about the Landlord’s 2% rule.

Coach – John Knight – People Performance

  • Clarity around ‘WHY”
  • Everyone on the same path
  • Aligned values or what is and what is not acceptable behaviour

Working Smarter – David Faulkner – Property Management Master Class

  • Landlords and the 2% rule
  • Build great relationships with your landlords
  • Time well spent

Marketing Monday – Claudio Encina tells us what has to go into the agenda for the set to sell meeting.

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