No show agents | Get rid of the old couch| Refresh your marketing


Today we will reveal the number one growth activity you should be doing every day if you really want your business to grow. Glenn Twiddle is with us all week as well and today he reveals a shocking truth about our open houses.

Agent of the year and an elite performer from the McGrath group, John Paranchi, shares some of his thoughts about becoming a top operator.

Coach – Glenn Twiddle – Lessons from the field

  • Agents still not showing up for opens!!!
  • Do the simple stuff
  • It is so easy to get in the Top 20%

Working Smarter – Peter Gilchrist – No 1 business growth activity

  • Get rid of the old couch
  • Hire slow and fire fast
  • Don’t hang on too long

Marketing Monday – John Paranchi explains how his marketing approach is refreshed regularly and how it has helped him build profile.


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