How is Coronis different? | How to deliver feedback | What is Coronis modelled on?


Hear about the one decision Ash Marton made when he set his business up 3 years ago that he wished he hadn’t made and Andrew Robinson says you should get information, including price feedback, from EVERY buyer and be prepared to deliver it face to face weekly and we find out how different the Coronis model is and where the idea originated.

Coach – Ash Marton – Stepping up to ownership

  • Trust your judgement/instincts
  • Your new responsibilities
  • Don’t take the baggage

Working Smarter – Andrew Robinson – Crucial steps to getting an auction property sold

  • Info from EVERY buyer
  • Face to face delivery
  • Set up the meetings

Skill – How is the Coronis model different and what is it modelled on?

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