Be the film director of your own career + The all important ‘reserve set’

You will find your ability to remain removed from the emotion of selling a property as a great benefit when it comes time to help your seller set their reserve. How to do that is something we discuss today with Will Hampson. There is a great side benefit to learning how to be a better manager and that is will make you a better communicator overall. Hear what John Cunningham has to say about that today.

The art of vendor management

Will Hampson

  • Reserve Setting
  • New Evidence
  • Detached messenger
  • Data tells the story

Defining leadership

John Cunningham  

  • Understand people and you will be a better leader and agent
  • First discover their needs
  • So much unknown

SkillMatthew Herbert from LJ Hooker ACT talks about setting up your CRM and how it needs to be ordered.

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