Property Management Q&A with Tara Bradbury – Podcast 1

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In this podcast, Tara answers:

  • Where and how do you recruit the best BDMs
  • Struggling with the balance between size and quantity

In this 15 minute podcast, Tara describes the different roles of Property Managers and BDM’s.   This will help you decide where to find a good BDM.  Also how to work in a rent roll when you don’t own the business but would like to improve the ‘quality’ of the rent roll when the owners just wants numbers.

2 thoughts on “Property Management Q&A with Tara Bradbury – Podcast 1

  1. Attn Kevin
    I’m a real estate trainer and have an RTO .
    I travel throughout NSW in individual agencies training licences Cert of Reg and CPDs.
    What I have found over the past 12 months is salespeople issuing contracts for sale via the likes of real and Domain to unidentified buyers. The issuing of these contracts contravene not only the Privacy Act but a duty of care to the seller because of the information being disclosed ie Title Deed – shares in the property, mortgage details just to name a few. A contract held in the office, is a legislative requirement and is required to offer the prospective, qualified buyer the opportunity to view prior to making an offer. These enquirers are not qualified and haven’t spoken to a salesperson but are being offered a contract.
    I have spoken to many sellers about this who are surprised that there personal details are being provided to anyone anywhere because these sites give them the opportunity to request these confidential documents. Unfortunately most agents are not aware until this is brought to their attention

    1. Thanks Linda. Very interesting. Is anyone else noticing this? Kevin

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