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Rose Kelly works with real estate leaders all over Australia to uncover the inefficiencies and opportunities for growth in their businesses.  Here she highlights the most overlooked areas that have tremendous growth potential.

Topic – #RealReach – Growth

Mentor – Rose Kelly

  • Stop now and do this
  • A simple task that will return BIG
  • Should return at least 2 to 3 listing opportunities

Marketing Monday


Kevin Turner: Another one of our experts from the #RealReach platform, and you can get all the details by using any one of the buttons right here at REUNCUT. #RealReach of course an outstanding training online for principles in real estate.

Kevin Turner: One of the experts that we use is Rose Kelly from Leading Focus, and she joins me this morning. Good morning, Rose.

Rose Kelly: Good morning, Kevin. How are you?

Kevin Turner: Yeah, fantastic. Nice to be talking. Now Rose’s specialty is as a business coach. She discovers the inefficiencies in opportunities in businesses quite often overlooked. What do you find, Rose, are the most overlooked growth opportunities?

Rose Kelly: Well, I guess it depends on how you want to grow the business, but I see a lot of people wanting to grow their net wealth, Kevin. We talk about prospecting and farming, and what I encourage people to do is to go back into their business. There’s a lot of opportunities within business, we don’t need to go outside. If you look at the sales that you’ve made over the last five, six, seven years, and not just the properties that you may have sold to investors, but how many investors have you had come through your doors, or through your books?

Rose Kelly: If you look at all of your buyer inquiry in an office, the chances are that, across Australia, about one in three of your buyer inquiries are going to be investors, so there’s enormous opportunities within your own data that’s often overlooked.

Kevin Turner: Yeah, I suppose, I mean, we’ve become very good at actually gathering this data now, because there are so many great platforms to allow us to do that. It’s a matter of how we go back and both analyse and use that data, Rose, isn’t it?

Rose Kelly: Do you know what, Kevin? I’d start with last week’s. I mean, there’s thousands of names there. But when I have these conversations with people, you know, how many buyers did you have through opens last week, and who followed up on them, so, usually we’re focusing on … You know, I meet people who don’t even enter it all, but I need to have a conversation with all of them. They, you know, hand-picked the ones that they think are the hot leads.

Rose Kelly: The second opportunity, and along the same line, if I look up the people who write the highest fees in DCI, they never let an opportunity go by with a buyer without asking for that conversion to a listing. Now, you know, that’s enormous opportunity. It should be obvious, it’s not done. Last year, I bought a property, I went to five open houses, not one agent asked me if I had something to sell.

Kevin Turner: Wow. That’s …

Rose Kelly: It’s unbelievable.

Kevin Turner: Yeah, these things that you’re saying to us are actually quite obvious, but it’s staggering when we realise that we just don’t follow up on the simplest things. We always try and look for the hardest conversion, which is like the new business.

Rose Kelly: I spoke to a sales PA yesterday in the business I’m working with. I said to him, “What is your number one goal when you’re working with buyers?” He struggled, because he thought this was a trick question. All I wanted him to say is “Look for listing opportunities.” I didn’t care if it was number two or number three or number four. He couldn’t articulate it at all.

Kevin Turner: Did he give it to you in the end?

Rose Kelly: No. No.

Kevin Turner: Was it like a revelation when you told him?

Rose Kelly: Yes, it was a revelation. So, when we talk about, you know, opportunities missed, if we talk to the leaders of those businesses, they would probably be horrified, as well. You know, there’s no intention to miss these things. We, you know, we know what we’ve got to do with farming. We know what’s good for the prospecting, we can talk at a high level about the opportunities that are there, but when we get down to the granular, the micro level on the street, is it happening? I don’t think it’s happening nearly enough.

Kevin Turner: Yeah. When you think of how much effort … And I spoke to a buddy of mine about this recently, Mark Frater, and I know you know Mark. He was talking about the lost opportunities, as well. And, you know, every time we go out and get a new listing, all the effort we have to put into getting it, then to market it to sell it, all those leads that come out of it, he maintains that, you know, for every listing that you sell, you’ve got to pick up at least one more listing in the area as a result of that sale.

Rose Kelly: Absolutely. And, in fact, if you look at conversions, and you look at, you know, the per sale ratio, you’ve got to pick up two, particularly if you want to grow your business, so you’re not just replacing, you’re picking up two or three for every one. And the thing is, they’re there.

Kevin Turner: Yeah, we just have to focus on doing it and then making it one of those … So, in other words, if you’re not achieving one, two or even three more sales out of every sale that you make, or listing, I should say, of every sale you make, you’re not doing your job properly, Rose.

Rose Kelly: Well, you know, I was taught many years ago the best way to get listings is to have listings. And if you apply that, then you are looking always for the listing that’s gonna come from the listings.

Kevin Turner: Little bit of a disclosure here. In my pre-real estate days, Rose was actually the agent who listed our house in Townsville. Remember that, Rose?

Rose Kelly: I do, Kevin.

Kevin Turner: Was I a tough seller?

Rose Kelly: No, I don’t think so. But definitely a unique property, Kevin.

Kevin Turner: It was, it was a terribly unique property. And that’s one of those problems. And it wasn’t just me saying it was unique, either, because it was actually rather out of the box, I thought. A hard one. But you did it.

Rose Kelly: Yes, yes, it was. We did it, we did it.

Kevin Turner: Hey, Rose, great talking to you my dear, thank you and tremendous to have your content on #RealReach, as well.

Rose Kelly: It’s a great opportunity. I was very excited about it.

Kevin Turner: It’s a tremendous platform, because it just opens up all of this thinking from people like yourself, you know, for leaders, not only current leaders, but people who want to get their own office. What’s involved, what have you gotta do? So that’s what it’s all about.

Rose Kelly: Well, I think we’ve gotta bring what’s actually happening at that granular level, that micro level, out on the streets and get that awareness of it, and this is one of the ways of doing it. So, I’m very excited about #RealReach. Thank you, Kevin.

Kevin Turner: Good on ya. Great to have your involvement, too, Rose. Thank you very much. And Rose’s website ( leadingfocus.com.au ), by the way, there’s a link on today’s show. Thanks, Rose, talk to again soon.

Rose Kelly: Thank you. Bye.

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