Making every employee a profit centre

The GFC changed things worldwide, forcing us to find a better way to work. Younger people, especially, were rocked by the GFC and now have different priorities, other than just purely money.   They want input, they want a voice, and they favour inclusion versus exclusion. They value different things; they’re not afraid to speak their minds, but we can harness all their creative energy if we just meet them where they’re at.  These changes MUST be reflected in how we train our teams.

Training as we know it is dead
Mentors – John McCloskey, Richard Maloney and Grant Lynch

  • Today’s workplace is different
  • Harness all their creative energy
  • What are the options to do things better?

Marketing Monday – So often we hear that it is cheaper to advertise in the local paper as opposed to the nearest metro daily but is that the best thing for the seller?

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