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This is something that a lot of people do not focus on, and that’s exactly why they don’t do the required work every single day to land a listing appointment.

Topic – It’s all in your mind

Mentor – Chadi Bazzi

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Kevin:   Joining us once again from the United States of America, Chadi Bazzi. And I gave you a good introduction to Chadi yesterday. Wonderful on mindset, and has built a brilliant career and a wonderful company that helps agents get the right mindset to make them unstoppable and the power of influence.

Kevin:   Chadi, welcome back into the show. I want to take another step into the story of dominating your market by having the right systems. But if we can really focus on the listing presentation because we touched on yesterday, if you can list in this industry you’re gonna last. You’ll do well.

Chadi:   Absolutely. You know, in listings on demand, my biggest emphasis and focus on the programme, besides the mindset, is making sure that you develop the perfect listing presentation. And this is something that a lot of people do not focus on, and that’s exactly why they don’t do the required work every single day to land a listing appointment.

Chadi:   So, just about everything that we do, anybody that wants to become a listing agent, the majority of what they do every single day is to do what? Their lead generation to acquire a listing appointment. If you don’t got a good enough listing presentation, then what ends up happening is you’re gonna go with all these appointments. You’re not gonna get the listing, and then you’re gonna feel like, “I’m doing all the lead generation for absolutely nothing.”

Chadi:   So, what I do, is I teach a five-step listing presentation. Okay, five-step listing presentation. And from step number one to step number two, three, four, and five, it’s all about what’s in the best interest of the client. So the first thing that you got to do is you’ve got to shift your mindset from, “I want to take the listing,” to, “I want to serve my clients, and I want to do what’s in their best interest, and at the end of it, if we are a fit, I want to take the listing.”

Kevin:   Chadi, could I ask you a question here, just for a moment, just to cut across you, if I could. I think this is a very important point. You’re talking about the best interest of the person you’re talking to. So therefore, I can assume, hopefully, that it’s not one size fits all. You might have a structure to your steps, but it has to fit that person’s motivation and their need. Would that be correct?

Chadi:   Absolutely one million percent correct. See, there’s a lot of people out there, they give you a listing presentation script. Now, I’m not gonna say I’m against scripts or anything like that. But the script is written in a form in a way that fits only one kind of person. But we’re not all alike. We all have different needs. We all have a different motivation. We all have different wants and we all have different problems that we want to resolve, and different goals that we want to achieve.

Chadi:   It’s your job as the listing agent to identify, what do my clients want? What do they need? And there’s a big difference between a want and a need. What problem might they be facing that I can help them resolve? What is their time frame? What is their financial ability? And you know, authority as well, who else is involved in making this decision?

Chadi:   Okay. When we identify all those things, now we are speaking to the client. So, want me to walk you through the five-step process?

Kevin:   Yes, please. If you could.

Chadi:   Perfect. Okay. So step number one is your introduction. Okay. Like, how do you knock on the door? Or ring the doorbell? When they open the door, how do you greet them? How do you take professional charge? How do you appear as the expert? When you walk into the home, who takes the lead: you or the client?

Chadi:   What are some of the questions you might be asking to establish that quick, high level of rapport? How do you get people to like you and trust you? Because if you can’t create that in the first couple of minutes, the rest of it is gonna be difficult. So that’s step number one, is your introduction.

Chadi:   Step number two, I say, you gotta reconnect and remotivate. You gotta reconnect and remotivate. What do I mean by that? Well, there’s a purpose of why they’re having you in their living room, to talk about the sale of their home. So, what we need to do is we need to take the mindset off the seller from interviewing this agent to see if he’s a fit, to the mindset of, “This is my goal, and he or she is going to help me.”

Chadi:   So we want to reconnect them to their why. We want to reconnect them to their reason. We want to be able to trigger that emotion to interrupt the mindset that they originally have of “Let me see if this guy’s the right guy or not.” We’re going in there as if we are. So that’s what I mean by reconnect and remotivate.

Chadi:   Step number three would be the pricing part of the presentation. Now, the way I teach my clients on how to do the pricing part of the presentation, is completely different than the way most people do their pricing presentations. So the way that we do it is to educate. That’s what we want to do, we want to educate. We don’t just want to walk in and say, “Hey, your property’s worth that much.” In their mind, they may be thinking the property’s worth a lot more.

Chadi:   But if we haven’t taken the proper steps to educate the client, on what is the ideal price that is gonna maximise their profits, then there’s going to be like a battle of pricing. And if we can’t agree on price, and you take the listing, then you’re taking a listing that’s never going to sell, and/or, if we can’t agree on price, you might not even take the listing.

Chadi:   And then step number four would be the marketing part of the presentation. The marketing part of the presentation, and we want to be able to … And a lot of this is not really revolved around what we show the client on how we are going to market the property. A lot of it revolves on how do we communicate the benefit of the marketing that we are going to do, to get the client to say, “Man, this is a no brainer. Nobody else in the marketplace is gonna be able to do what Chadi’s gonna do for me. I only want to work with him.”

Chadi:   And step number five, is the close, which is the natural ending to any conversation. However, we like to close in a way that is number one, non-threatening. We don’t want to close on people. We don’t want to make people do what they don’t want to do. If we’ve done our job up to this point correctly, the client’s gonna be like, “Well, what do I need to do to get started?”

Chadi:   So that’s pretty much the five steps to the most dollar for listing presentation you can develop.

Kevin:   Yeah, wonderful stuff, Chadi Bazzi is our guest all this week. We’re going to take you inside the mindset, the right mindset, to how to put that together, over the next couple of days, with Chadi. Chadi, thanks for your time, we’ll talk to you again tomorrow morning.

Chadi:   You got it, buddy. Look forward to it.

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