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One of the first things you should work on is getting your mind right because if you don’t it doesn’t matter what else you do, there’s always going to be that filter that’s going to prevent you from becoming the best version of yourself.

Topic – It’s all in your mind

Mentor – Chadi Bazzi

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Kevin:   Our discussion this week with our guest mentor is all around mindset, how you can dominate your market by having the right mindset. You’ve gotta get your head right and to do that you’ve gotta listen to a lot of people. And talking to us about that, Chadi Bazzi, from the United States, joins us, and has a great programme called “Listings on Demand,” which we touched on yesterday.

Kevin:   Let’s talk about mindset, developing yourself as a person. How do you suggest people go about doing that, Chadi?

Chadi:   That is right there the perfect question. See, in my Listings on Demand training, one of the first things that we work on is getting your mind right because if you don’t get your mind right, it doesn’t matter what else I teach you later on, there’s always gonna be that filter that’s gonna prevent you from becoming the best version of yourself.

Chadi:   So, one thing I learned early on in my career is the following.  I learned that the key to success has absolutely nothing to do with what you do.  It has everything to do with how you’re feeling while you’re doing it. So, what controls your emotions are your thoughts.  All emotions are preceded by thoughts. Your thoughts are triggering emotions, okay?  So, how do you develop that right mindset?

Chadi:   Well, the way that you do it is you’ve gotta create the right daily ritual, a ritual that just raises your awareness of everything that is going on around you. Now, when I talk about what is going on around you, something I always talk about is you’re a product of your environment.  When I say you’re a product of your environment, I’m not just talking about like, is your room … like the setting of your room, etc.  I’m talking about what you’re listening to, what you’re allowing to go into your ears. That’s part of the environment you’re placing yourself in.  What you are seeing is part of your environment, and you are in control of that.

Chadi:   So I encourage all my clients to do the following every single day. Journal.  Journal has been … I have a client that I recently interviewed on my Top Listings Agent Show podcast. His name is Rob, okay? Rob, in exactly 368 days, you gotta listen to this ’cause I’m gonna teach you exactly how we changed his mind. In exactly 368 days between interview number one and interview number two, when we did interview number one, he only had $3.16. And you can go back to watch the video. In his own words, he’ll tell you, “I had $3.16 in my pocket.”  368 days later, he’s earning over $100,000.

Chadi:   How did he do it?  He developed the right mindset, and there’s one thing that he did, and he did it for 368 days, not missing a day. The most power, one of the most powerful formulas you can begin to work on to create right mindset. Journaling.

Chadi:   I’m gonna walk you through a five-step process for journaling, okay?

Kevin:   Please. Yep, that’d be great.

Chadi:   So what you do is, you know, get yourself like a nice journal. You know, not like a dollar journal. Get a nice journal; have respect for your journal life. This is exactly where you’re writing the most important things in every single day. And you’re gonna answer like literally five questions.

Chadi:   Question number one in your journal every single day is the following: What made me happy in the last 24 hours? Okay, and I want you to do this in the morning. See immediately in the morning, rather than allowing your mind to go, “Oh my God, I gotta resolve this challenge; I gotta do this, and I gotta do that.” You’re taking your mind to what has made me happy in the last 24 hours. So now, we are controlling the mind, and you’re showing yourself evidence that you are happy; there’s good things happening in your life.

Chadi:   Number two, the question is: What are the two things I am mostly grateful for? So we gotta come from a space of gratitude. So what am I grateful for? There’s so much to be grateful for, but if you don’t think about it, you don’t recognise it, and you … and then you’re just making more room for chaos and negativity and the world of black and all this stuff. So two things you are grateful for.

Chadi:   Number three, the question is: What are my top three goals? What are my top three personal goals, okay? And those are the same goals that you would write down every single day until they become a reality. Now if you’re familiar with the author Brian Tracy, Brian Tracy said, “The moment you commit your goals to writing, you increase your odds by 1000% percent of achieving it.” So every single day, we’re increasing our odds of achieving a goal by 1000%, and we’re shifting our focus to “these are my top goals.”

Chadi:   Number four, you write down … you answer this question: What are my four most important affirmations? What are my four most important affirmations? And you would write those down, whatever it may be. “I am powerful. I am courageous. I am unstoppable. I am fearless. I am a dominant agent.” You know, “People love me. People love to work with me,” etc.

Chadi:   And then number five, you take your income goal in the present tense, and you write it five times. For example, if your goal is to earn $100,000, you would write down, “I extract and generate a minimum of $100,000 this year.” And you would write that five times.

Chadi:   So look what happens. This is a process that takes three to five minutes. You just spent three to five minutes showing yourself that you know there’s something to be happy about; there’s things to be grateful about; you have goals; you have affirmations that you’re saying that make you feel good; and you’re writing down your income goal as if it’s already happened.

Chadi:   You know what happens in that moment? Your whole entire mindset has shifted. You just activated your reticular activating system to attract opportunity and/or allow you to be able to see all the opportunities that have existed around you all this time that you have been too blind to see. So that right there is the best formula.

Kevin:   Absolutely, and I’m gonna start doing that today. I’ll go and get a journal. I’ve got a couple of journals here, but I’m gonna start. I love those five questions. They’ll be in the transcript which is below this interview so you can go back and refresh on those.

Kevin:   Give it a shot. See how you go. We’ll take you a little bit deeper into this conversation with Chadi Bazzi when we come back tomorrow, as we help you build more around this morning routine.

Kevin:   Chadi, talk to you again in the morning. Thanks, mate.

Chadi:   You’ve got it. Thank you.

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