An engaged team | Grow investors wealth | Male BDM’s


John Knight from Business Depot takes us through some of the key things discussed at a recent breakfast from a people perspective that helps with the bottom line numbers.

Look at your landlords as investors and help them grow their wealth and it will come back in spades says David Faulkner.

Coach – John Knight – People Performance

  • Keeping the team engaged
  • Clear targets and internal promotions
  • Praise the winners but don’t forget the losers

Working Smarter – David Faulkner – Property Management Master Class

  • How we fail to grow our investors wealth
  • Why so many investors get stuck on one or two properties

Property Management Jess Mazzocato – Tell me something you are working on in your business now to improve your results. Innovation and growth. Male BDM. Provide great service.

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