What’s your reason?

Unless you are doing what you enjoy – what is the point?   If you find yourself hating Mondays or looking forward the time you can stop what you are doing, you have already passed the point of growth.

Topic – get your head right and your career follows

Mentor – Mat Steinwede

See Mat at RESE on 26th and 27th July.

  • You never get the time again
  • Don’t do something that does not resonate with you
  • Give it a real good go


Kevin Turner: I’ve heard this subject that we’re going to talk to Mat Steinwede about today. Just talked about over and over and that is the why. So, but I’m really interested to talk to Mat about this, because once again I saw another one of your blog posts, another one of your videos talking about this, or defining your why. What is your “why” Mat, and has it changed?

Mat Steinwede: I think it has sort of changed over time, but you got to do something that you really want to do, because you’re exchanging your time, you know, and that time never comes back. So real estate’s become my thing. I think along the way I’ve been like, oh maybe I should speak, but I’d go down that path and I’d be like, no, I definitely don’t want to do that full-time. But you’ve got to feel your way through it a little bit. But probably the best advice I can give people around this is, don’t do something that doesn’t really resonate with you. So if I had to go to like an office job in Sydney and be in there all day as an accountant or something, that would kill my soul.

Kevin Turner: Yeah.

Mat Steinwede: So doing a job to pay the bills, again it needs to happen, but it’s like, it’s almost like life is a sport. You know what sport are you going to play? I see real estate as a sport. I really like it. I like the cut and thrust of it, it suits me. But if people are listening to this and they’re just a bit half-half, you need to change. You need to, not straight away, but you need to put your radar up and then start looking around. What are you willing to exchange half of your life for? What’s going to give you that excitement? Get out of bed every day. Sing on the way to work. You know, do you feel like singing on the way to work? Or do you feel like it’s just a grind because that there in itself. Your feelings are really important because how you feel about something, they’re talking to you. So I always laugh about that … Oh Monday. I hate Monday and Hump Day Wednesday and Friday come. When people say to me, thank goodness it’s Friday. Doing the wrong thing.

Kevin Turner: Yes.

Mat Steinwede: Like they’re in the wrong thing and I don’t mean that critically, but you are exchanging your life for this thing. So when you get to the end of your life, I mean I’m just a real estate agent. You know, I’m not like Dwayne Johnson, some world famous movie star, but he’s doing his thing and look at the success that comes from that.

Kevin Turner: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Mat Steinwede: It literally … Half of the work of your success is done when you find that thing that you’re willing to exchange your life for.

Kevin Turner: Yeah, yeah. This happened to you, didn’t it? Like following the story of your life. I think you tell the story about someone mentioned to you once that you should try real estate, is when you were a little bit lost and you did actually give it a try and you found that you enjoyed it. You must have enjoyed it because you … How long did you work in real estate without having a car, was it a year?

Mat Steinwede: Yeah, a year or two.

Kevin Turner: That’s amazing.

Mat Steinwede: It’s a good point you’ve brought up, though. It’s like, at first, I didn’t know. I was just happy to have a job, and try and get legal.

Kevin Turner: Yeah.

Mat Steinwede: But over time, it might’ve taken a couple of years, but then I started to see like, well I think I can do this. So that’s what I’m saying about don’t just bounce around everywhere. Find like if you’re going to explore an opportunity, give it a real go and sort of just see how it feels. Like I think even with real estate agents, some of them move offices too much. They sort of like, you know those agents?

Kevin Turner: Yes.

Mat Steinwede: They’re at Hookers, they’re at Ray White, they’re at Ray Hunt. They’re looking for this thing. Time is important to sort of get some momentum going wherever you are. But in the first couple of years, I didn’t just go, oh real estate’s my thing. Over time, I started to see I could be pretty good at this, and I was willing to make that my sport then. But if you’re in something and there’s a total misalignment and you can feel it, like it’s just like, oh I’m just not connecting at all. You need to get out of it.

Kevin Turner: Yeah. It almost goes right back to what we’d started talking about on Monday and that is the blame game. You know taking responsibility for change. You’re looking in the mirror and not blaming. If you go on blaming people and things for your lack of success, you’re never going to get anywhere, Mat.

Mat Steinwede: No, you’re not because you’re just sort of starting again, like starting again, starting again. But you’ll know. Like that thing in your heart when your heart goes warm, you know that feeling.

Kevin Turner: Yes.

Mat Steinwede: When it’s like when I go to work, I’m literally pumped to go to work every day. I’ve got butterflies ready to go, team. I can feel the momentum building around me, then that’s when you know you clicked in. That’s your why.

Kevin Turner: Great stuff, mate. It’s fantastic always talking to you, Mat Steinwede. Thank you so much for your time and I look forward to seeing you at the RESE conference 26 and 27 July in Brisbane. So I look forward to catching up with you then, Mat.

Mat Steinwede: Thanks Kevin. Good to talk mate.

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