We should have dreamed bigger

No matter how successful you are there are always ways to improve what you do.  What could you improve today?

Topic – What would you change and/or improve?

Mentor – Daniel Gonzalez

  • It is a long game
  • Time out is part of the improvement
  • Recruit out of the box

Developing your leadership style – Jacob Aldridge

As growth kicks in to your business, get a Business Coaching Team.  It is at this point you need specialists.


Kevin:   It’s a pleasure this week to have, as our guest mentor, Daniel Gonzales. Reminding you once again that he took out the award at REIWA Awards Ceremony, recently, as the top agent, highest value of property sold in the entire state, bearing in mind that it’s a relatively new business, too, up against some very seasoned players. So, a great award to win, Daniel, thank you, and it’s a pleasure talking to you this week.

Daniel Gonzales:   Thank you so much, Kevin.

Kevin:   I want to ask you now, going back, the journey that you’ve been on to get to where you are now, I know it’s only a journey, you haven’t finished. You’re nowhere near the destination you want to get to, but is there anything that you would have changed in more recent times to get you there faster, or, to make the business better?

Daniel Gonzales:   There’s a couple of things … Well, there’s always things you look back and think, “Okay, cool, we could have done that better.” But then, we’re better off today, because we had to sometimes, go to the longer way will make it for a shorter path, in the future, as well. There’s always things. I think dreaming big is one of those things. I think, maybe, if we had dreamt a little bit bigger and prepared earlier for what’s happening today, and, what could actually be happening. Even though we are at the level we are, we, probably, could even be at a higher level, had we planned a little bit bigger than we did. But, that’s okay as well. This is a long game we are playing, which is step by step. Probably, to answer that, change or improve, probably, plan a little bit bigger, earlier, would’ve been one of those things.

Daniel Gonzales:   Taking time out is something that we’re working on, now. I’m really into my motif board and things like that, which is now allowing me to take a little bit of time out. That’s part of the improvement. I do believe that when there’s an out of this business, then when you’re back into the business, very very quickly the business is a lot better for it. You see things clearer. With regards to the improvement, again, just more people. That’s it. The people make the business, at the end of the day. That is something we are now working on. There is a clear push, from our actual staff, to bring people into the business as well, which is something, again, that has been absolutely awesome. As to how Realty Lane actually recruit their people, you’re completely out of a box, again.

Kevin:   How do you recruit them?

Daniel Gonzales:   We actually ask our staff to nominate people that they think would be great for the business, and bring them along, for a catch up.

Kevin:    Can I go back to the first thing you said, about planning big … how you would have planned bigger, I’m going to challenge that thought, because, I would have thought that, at the outset, your plans, probably, to you then, felt big.

Daniel Gonzales:   Yes, they’re absolutely massive and the plans that we’ve set out, we have been achieving along the way, so, what now happens is, you end up growing in office, you go through a fit out and then the fit out doesn’t work anymore, within 6 to 8 months, and then, you’ve got to look at other premises. That’s where I refer to, if we had the time, again, we’d probably look at having a bigger office and therefore just doing fit outs, maybe, once every 18-24 months, rather than once every six months.

Kevin:   You can take that learning into your next stage of development can’t you, which you no doubt will. Can I talk about the second thing you mentioned, which was time out, and, how you can actually do that? I’m interested to hear from you, when do you take time out? Is it when you need it, or, when you’ve earned it?

Daniel Gonzales:   Oh, okay, cool. That’s a really good question. I think time out has to be scheduled, regardless.

Kevin:   Okay, interesting. So, it doesn’t matter whether you need it, or, whether you want it … Does planning it out like that motivate you? That you know that you’re working towards something and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel?

Daniel Gonzales:   It is absolutely right. You have to have a schedule for those guys who are out there just doing it and doing it and doing it, without any breaks ’cause you start spinning your wheels. You’re just spinning and spinning and spinning … You realise the engine is running, wheels are moving, but, we’re not going anywhere.

Kevin:   Gee, I tell you what, we all know that feeling.

Daniel Gonzales:   Be mindful of that. Just schedule the time out and just take it. Take it like you need to eat and breath. It’s just gotta be in there. It’s part of what we need to be doing, in order to keep progressing. That’s something that we would improve, and, probably, would change a little bit. We did a lot of spinning our wheels towards the beginning of this year. We just felt we were doing the hours, doing the work, doing everything we needed to be doing, but, we just weren’t going anywhere. I think, now, having it scheduled is a critical part. Even if it is just half a day, like we’ve scheduled into our programme, that’s really important as well.

Kevin:    Yeah, well, we are cutting into some of your time with your mum, there, on her birthday, so, we’ll leave it at that for today. I’ve got a really compelling question to ask you tomorrow, so, make sure you join us, as we round out this series with Daniel Gonzales. Daniel, we’ll talk to you again, tomorrow morning.

Daniel Gonzales:   Thank you, so much, Kevin.


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