The race to the bottom – don’t join in

Try selling stress management as your product.  That is how you can stand out

Topic – What is your product?

Mentor – Martin Grunstein

  • Sell intangibles instead of commodities
  • It is not hard – just do the small stuff
  • Find out what is the biggest problem sellers face and then solve it

4 thoughts on “The race to the bottom – don’t join in

  1. The Eastern States rates are extremely low we are definitely 2.2% + over the million up to 2.5% to 2.7% and 4% under the $450,000.

    1. Thanks Gill. How do you think commissions are impacted after deregulation? Kevin

  2. Ray Armstrong says:

    You are “the man” Martin – successful marketing is just two things – push a panic button or pull a heart string.

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