The party prior – set the scene

In this episode we deal with the 5 day VIP period where we position and conduct inspections with what Jess refers to as “A grade buyers and neighbours”.

Topic – How to increase sales + decrease DOM

Mentor – Jess Densley

  • 5 day VIP period
  • Slow the market down
  • Don’t lose 2 of the most important weeks

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Kevin:   This week in the show I’m telling you about an ebook which is available absolutely free. It’s called the Sales Activation ebook written by Jess Densley. Jess is from Discipline Group Australia. It will help you increase your sales and decrease your days on market. It’s a 31 page free download. It’s available now. We’re looking at just small portions of this and, Jess, you’ve helped me choose the segment for today, it’s all around the VIP cycle because by this stage now we’re into the party. Or this is the party before the party?

Jess:   Absolutely mate, that’s what I call it, the party prior. So given as how I’ve mentioned in the ebook, you know if you’ve ever been married before, planning your bucks or hen’s party is a non-negotiable and that’s what I talk about inside this marketplace that we’re going through in this next five years. It’s the process within your business to slow things down, and this is what I talk about in this VIP period, is exactly that, how we take … have some strategies to slow the process down inside our businesses which actually decrease the days on market inside our business.

Kevin:   You, in the ebook, I think I remember seeing somewhere that you talk about the VIP period being a five day period. How critical is that in terms of setting it up for the final sale?

Jess:   Oh it’s absolutely critical, Kevin, I guess to me, as I mentioned yesterday, that in the last five years it’s been very easy to list the property online and wake up tomorrow and the next day it’s sold. But now we need to be able to view our listings totally differently. We slow the process down and inside this five days is where we do three things. The first thing is where we generate inspections, insight for each property. Then we move into viewing the foundations, and then we go over into obtaining some facts. And when we do those three core activities inside this five day VIP period, that positions us to put together some clear facts to talk to our vendors about prior to going live to the marketplace.

Kevin:   At what stage are you recommending that agents should sit down with the seller and really get serious about the price? How far into the cycle?

Jess:   Well inside this preview stage, Kevin, that we’re talking about in these few days, for me that seven to 10 day period where we undertake the VIP that we are speaking about today. These activities are being undertaken before it’s even been launched online, Kevin, and if you view, for me, most agents will launch a property online and it will be that first couple of weeks where everyone will find their feet and test the marketplace, but that’s actually what we’re doing inside this VIP period and I believe we owe it to our clients to do the testing prior to going live to the marketplace and then that’s going to lead to maximise the price for your clients.

Kevin:   And testing, by testing you mean getting inspections through, so you’re looking at instigating inspections very quick in that cycle?

Jess:   Absolutely, yeah, and those are the three phases we talk about in this party prior phase. We talk about inspections which then build foundations which then allow us to obtain some facts to talk to our clients about before they go live to the marketplace.

Kevin:   The fact, you’re talking about obtaining facts, the three stages … the inspections, the building foundations, and the building of the foundations is building your credibility, saying I know what I’m doing, I’m getting people through and starting to get feedback and then you obtain the facts and give that feedback to the seller.

Jess:   Absolutely, yeah. And one of the core activities which is in the days prior … which is in the phase prior to the VIP period which is the activation meetings with their clients, I believe one the key fundamentals that we’ve got to have our clients understand in this marketplace, Kevin, is the difference between an opinion and a fact. And I believe that’s where the game can be changed inside your business, where we need to have our clients understand the difference between an opinion and a fact and what the role is of an agent inside this marketplace is to find out the facts, not get the opinions of the buyers. And they’re two different things all together.

Kevin:   Great stuff. We’ll come back tomorrow, we’ll talk about the next step in this and this is one of the critical vendor meetings, we’ll take this a step further. Jess Densley is our guest this week. Jess is from Discipline Group and that free download is available for you right now, 31 page book. Just click on the link you’ll find here. Go through and you can have that book, it’s the Sales Activation ebook from Jess.

Kevin:   Jess, look forward to catching up again tomorrow morning, man. Thanks for your time.

Jess:   Appreciate it, Kevin. Thanks very much again.

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