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The key to success has nothing to do with what you do every day. It has everything to do with how you are feeling while you do it every day.

Topic – It’s all in your mind

Mentor – Chadi Bazzi

  • Connecting with People
  • Prequalifying
  • Presentation

Marketing Monday – Success and time in the business do not correlate and here is why.


Kevin:   Our guest mentor this week got into the real estate industry in 1997 but like most of us he struggled in the first few years but those years proved invaluable because when he figured out what it was all about his career literally took off.

Kevin:   In 2011, he decided to launch his own company Top Listing Agent to teach agents a more authentic way of selling. From that he developed Listings on Demand the programme that provides real estate agents with the action steps to develop an unstoppable mindset and master the art of influence. Now as we all know mindset is what it’s all about.

Kevin:   My guest also has said, “The key to success has nothing to do with what you do every day. It has everything to do with how you are feeling while you do it every day.” My guest, all the way from the USA, this week is Chadi Bazzi. Chadi thank you very much for your time and welcome to the show.

Chadi:   My pleasure my friend, I’m very excited to be on your show, love what you’re doing and I’m ready to give as much value as I possibly can today so let’s do it.

Kevin:   Yeah, well I’ve watched a lot of your videos as I’m sure many people will. There’s a link every day to take you to Chadi’s website, a lot of great content there as well. I want to talk to you about, because one of the things I’ve picked up from following you is that you talk very much about dominating your market which is, I know, what you did in the early part of your career. What have you found, how can you help us with the strategies and the skills that we need to put in place, just on the ground floor.

Chadi:   Yeah, so you know, I believe that anyone and everyone can dominate their marketplace. What I mean by dominating the marketplace isn’t necessarily being the leader like the one who like does the most amount of transactions, etc. You know some people they say they want to dominate the marketplace, you know, they just want to dominate their little segment and make a specific amount of money and/or a specific amount of transactions.

Chadi:   But they all revolve around, what does that really mean for you. Okay. For some people it’s 100 plus transactions a year. For some people it’s 20 transactions a year. So don’t let that word dominate scare you is the first thing I say to my clients.

Chadi:   Now in regards to developing the strategies required to do that, what we’re really talking about is, you know, what side of the business do you want to focus on. In real estate there’s the employer and then there’s the employee. Who do you think is the one that’s dominating and making more money. Is it the employer or the employee?

Chadi:   It’s the employer. Now the employer is the listing agent. He takes the listing and then he employs all the buyers agents from all over the marketplace to work for him and get his listing sold. Given that of course it’s priced right, etc.

Chadi:   So that’s what I mean by dominating the marketplace is dominating the listing side of the business. So I teach my personal 1 on 1 clients and students in Listing on Demand is, we work sellers on purpose and buyers by default. Because the more signs we have in the marketplace the more exposure you have, the more of an expert you appear to be, the more listings you take.

Kevin:   Yeah, because in Australia and I know that many Americans that I speak to struggle with this is that agents here aren’t necessarily, the buyer’s agency role in Australia is not as mature as it is in the States. In other words, agents here will actually do both sides of the transaction. They’ll list and then they sell. But the thing that I learnt when I was selling was that if you can list, whether or not you sell it, you will always make money which is really what you’re talking about Chadi.

Chadi:   Absolutely, and of course, one of the things that we also want to do is when we take a listing, I mean it makes more sense for you to sell it yourself than have somebody sell it, and you know, a good percentage of the time we’re able to accomplish that.

Kevin:   Yeah, it is a changing scene in Australia. It’s interesting how it’s evolving. I remember when I started doing this show a decade ago, one of the first agents I interviewed was one out of the States and he just simply could not believe that we could actually try and do both sides of the transactions. But it is changing, that’s for sure. Chadi when we come back tomorrow I want to take a little bit more of a step into this, your thoughts on dominating the market. You know what sort of system should you put in place and how important is the listing presentation. How much time do you spend on that.

Kevin:   My guest is Chadi Bazzi and Chadi will be back again tomorrow morning. Thanks for your time mate, talk to you then.

Chadi:   You got it buddy.

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