The best questions to ask yourself

Well, if you’re sitting there, looking in the mirror, saying, “What can I do? How can I grow my business?” there are several models for you to do that.

Topic – Truly independent

Mentor – Paul Davies

  • How Paul knows if an agent will succeed
  • “Why are you doing this?”
  • Not about money

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Kevin:   Well, if you’re sitting there, looking in the mirror, saying, “What can I do? How can I grow my business?” there are several models for you to do that.

Kevin:   My guest all this week is Paul Davies from One Agency, certainly one of the models you should be probably having a look at, if that’s what you want to do. But what are the questions you should be asking of yourself, and probably of Paul and his team, or anyone else you might be looking at?

Kevin:   Paul, this might be difficult for you to answer, but, in your experience, what are some of the best questions you’ve been asked by people who are looking at taking on a model like One Agency? Good morning.

Paul:   Good morning, Kevin. Why don’t you start with a small question? Oh, my God.

Kevin:   Well, help me.  Sometimes, it’s difficult for us to know what we don’t know, you know?

Paul:   Yeah, of course.

Paul:   No, it’s an appropriate question, because everyone’s different, Kevin, and one size doesn’t fit all. But agents, I sit down and I say, “Look, there’s only one thing you must know how to do. If you would like to own your own enterprise, there’s one thing that you must be able to do, that I can’t help you with. What do you think that is?”

Paul:   They go, “Mm, tell us.” I say, “Can you list?”

Kevin:   Oh, yeah.

Paul:   If you can list a property, I know you can sell a property. Listing’s harder than selling. We all know that. So, everything else, and I mean, everything else, can be taught, or you can get someone to help you with it.

Paul:   So, if you can list property, and let me just say, I would say, if your GCI is at least 150, as an absolute minimum … I’d like to see 200-plus, but it can be done at 150, you can run your own enterprise. Because your own enterprise, under One Agency, and perhaps, some other models, as well, is a cost of about four to 5,000 per month, all up.

Paul:   Now, we’re under 1,000 a month at one agency. Then you’ve got all the other little bits and pieces, your mobile phone, your licence renewal, you running your car off, and a lot of these things you’re already paying for, incidentally, you can run your own enterprise for four to $5,000 a month. We can show you how to do that, and then, you keep everything that you earn.

Kevin:   Yeah, what you’re touching on here is something, like, people have got to under … I guess, one of the questions you could ask is, “Why are you doing this? What’s your reason for wanting to come and break away?” Is it about freedom? If it’s purely about money, then probably, that’s not going to be a good enough motivator, Paul.

Paul:   No, it’s not just about money, but it’s about your efforts coming back to yourself and your family. The agents are becoming better educated, that they can do their own thing. We touched on this the other day, when we spoke, so it’s very … The pain points, I guess, you’re referring to? Sometimes, it’s money. An agent will ring me and go, “You know, I’ve just sold three places this week, and I’ve worked out that I’m giving away a massive amount of money. And frankly, I listed everything, I did everything. My boss really didn’t create any of that, so why am I doing it?”

Kevin:   Yeah, I’d challenge that. Only in a sense that, sometimes, we can get caught up in thinking, “Yeah, we’re doing all this, and we’re giving all this money away,” but then, they come … This leads me to the next question I was going to ask you is, what do you find in the most successful agents who come and join your brand?

Kevin:   Some of their major attributes: you talk there about listing, the ability to list, but to me, it’s got to be, how big is your network? How good are you at networking? Because if you can’t capture those leads-

Paul:   Yes.

Kevin:   That aren’t walking in through the door, because essentially, you’re not going to have a door front for them to walk through.

Paul:   Sure.

Kevin:   You’ve got to have that network, Paul.

Paul:   Oh, absolutely, but listing is the result of that, is it not?

Kevin:   Yes, it is.

Paul:   So if someone says to me, “Yes, I list three or five a month,” I know they’ve got a system in place to do that.

Kevin:   Okay.

Paul:   What I suggest to them is that, whether they’re doing it for someone else, or they can do it for themselves, just as easily, if not more easily, because … and you’ve probably heard this, Kevin, is that Aussie saying, “Good on ya, mate.” And often, agents that join us talk to me later, and go, “I’ve had so many of my customers come and say, ‘Jeez, you should have done this years ago. Good on ya, mate.’ And they give you a slap on the back. Aussies are very supportive of people having a go.

Kevin:   Yeah.

Paul:   So it doesn’t get harder, when you step out on your own. It gets easier, because you’re not a salesperson anymore, and there’s no disrespect to being a salesperson. I was a salesperson for 13 years. It’s part of a progress that people make through the industry, and it’s the cost of your education, and that’s fine.

Paul:   But you get to a point when you think, “Hang on, I can do this for myself,” and they can do it for themselves, and we … That’s why One Agency was created, Kevin, to service that growing need of agents that really do want to do it for themselves, for all sorts of reasons. It’s just time for them.

Kevin:   Okay. A little later in the week, in fact, in a couple of days’ time, my last question to you is going to be, pretty much along the lines of what we’ve talked about this morning. But it’s going to be describing the typical successful One Agent operator, what makes them stand out, and your tips. But that will come in a day or two.

Kevin:   Tomorrow, I’ll want to ask you about the future of real estate. So I want you to put your, bring down that dome, and say, “Let’s have a look into the future. Let’s look at the crystal ball.” Paul, we’ll do that tomorrow morning, right?

Paul:   All right. My pleasure, then. Good night.

Kevin:   That’ll be fun. Thank you. Talk to you then.

Paul:   Okay. Cheers.


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