The 5E’s

One of the things that’s incredibly important for Michael Sheargold is that great real estate professionals not only have a fantastic year in business, but also that they have a fantastic year in their life as well.

Topic – Michaels 2018 takeaways

Mentor – Michael Sheargold

  • People ‘buy’ your energy
  • Step in their shoes
  • Show them you know what they mean

Property Management Matters with Tara Bradbury – Get your head in the right place for 2019


Kevin:   Good morning and welcome. Happy New Year. This is the first of January 2019. Joining me as our mentor all this week, Michael Sheargold. Good day, Michael. Happy New Year.

Michael:   Yeah, a very happy New Year to you too, Kevin, and what an opportunity. 2019, here we come.

Kevin:   Yeah. Well of course, everyone I think does know that we pre-record these segments, so we’re not actually talking to you on New Year’s Day. But the intent is there, and the message is very clear about getting focused on this day and looking ahead to 2019, Michael.

Michael:   Yes, definitely, definitely.

Kevin:   Tell me about how we can do that today. What are the things that we can put in place to help us get focused?

Michael:   Well, Kevin, one of the things that we need to look at, I think, in 2019, is how we apply the five E’s to our business and to that matter, applying some of these five E’s to our life. One of the things that’s incredibly important for me, that great real estate professionals not only have a fantastic year in business, but also it’s pretty important you have a fantastic year in your life as well.

Kevin:   Okay, so just to get the balance here, Michael, the topic for today is the five E’s. What are they?

Michael:   Right, Kevin. So the first E, interesting enough, is Energy. So there’s no question, people buy our energy. The number one thing people buy is your energy. So, what is it like, if I put an energy thermometer into your typical day, how is your energy reading. So, this is your sleep, it’s your fitness, it’s your diet, it’s literally how you’re focused in front of a person, are you truly present and with them. And it’s been said that the present is the gift that you give someone right now. So what’s your energy like, and how you’re bringing your energy to another level in terms of 2019. By the way, there’s a piece of evidence to say “I’m gonna utilise less energy”. And I occasionally see an agent in their office and I look at them and think, “what are you doing?” Well, you look like you’re storing energy for another day. No no no, energy is something you need to put in place in every single interaction, every conversation, on the phone, face to face, how you’re doing you, in the business. That’s the first E.

Kevin:   Excellent. And the second one?

Michael:   The second one, interesting enough, is empathy. And empathy is the ability to step into the other person’s shoes, and truly link into where they’re at, what are they wanting to achieve and how can you help them. Now empathy happens a lot by our ability to ask great questions, tune into that particular person and totally get where they’re coming from. And when we increase our empathy, we increase our listening, we increase our ability to tune in and therefore we increase our ability to deliver something that is spectacular for the eyes of the client or the person that you’re in front of.

Kevin:   Excellent. Energy and empathy, what’s the next one, mate?

Michael:   Well then, if we got our empathy in place, we can now bring some expertise into the equation. And expertise, is helping to demonstrate to this particular person that we’re in front of, that we actually know what we’re talking about. We’ve got the product knowledge, we’ve got the insight in the marketplace, we understand the dynamics that are occurring in the marketplace at the moment, and we can help this person navigate in terms of the property needs. Are they looking to buy, are they looking to sell, are they looking to change over, how can we actually apply some expertise in order to make that happen?

Kevin:   Mm, excellent. I can see the picture you’re emerging here. Energy, empathy, expertise, what’s next?

Michael:   Well then comes enthusiasm. And occasionally people say isn’t enthusiasm and energy the same? Energy is what we bring. Enthusiasm is in the conversation around…let’s say we’ve got a property that we’re taking to market. And a buyer called in about the property. “Hi I’m looking at property XYZ.” A lot of the time I’ve heard agents go “uh huh, how can I help you?” As opposed to, with enthusiasm it’s like, Kevin it’s fantastic that you called about that property, we’ve had some great interest and it’s got some fantastic features. By the way, how long have you been looking in the marketplace?” Lets actually get into a conversation around how this property could ultimately fit your particular needs. It’s a different level of enthusiasm around that.

Kevin:   Totally, I can hear it. And what’s the final one?

Michael:   And the final one, surprise, surprise, is a wonderful thing called effort.

Kevin:   Okay.

Michael:   And let me tell you, energy, expertise, empathy and enthusiasm, without you putting the effort into your business, is not gonna produce the result. It’s exactly the same way, you walk in to the gym and you just walk around the gym, you don’t put effort into the exercises, you won’t get the gain of the time you’re investing. So a lot of the time I’ve seen agents wasting their time because they’re not putting the hours in, but they’re not putting the effort and the things into the hours that will make the biggest difference possible.

Kevin:   Oh, what a wonderful journey. Energy, empathy, expertise, enthusiasm and finally, effort. What a great way to start the year, Michael. I knew it would be a gem and you gave it to us. Thank you very much. Michael Sheargold is our guest all this week and of course, you can catch up with Michael and his team at Big year lined up for you, Michael?

Michael:   Absolutely, it’s gonna be a brilliant year and doing some reallly cool work both here in Australia and also over in the US. So super excited about that.

Kevin:   Excellent, well done. Alright mate, we’ll talk to you again soon.

Michael:   Thank you kindly.

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