The 360 camera revolution

In Australia, we’re probably on the top of our game in regards to how we certainly do market real estate. Majority, 90% are using professional photographers, whether that’s for sales or for rentals.  So how do we rank on the world stage?

Topic – Get the 360 view

Mentor – Brad Filliponi

  • Easy ‘do it yourself’ 360’s
  • People buy phones for their cameras
  • Make 360 your first option

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Kasey:   Hi. Kasey McDonald here again from the Property Management Training Academy, and I’ve got the pleasure of sitting with Brad Filliponi from Boxbrownie, co-founder. Thanks for joining me Brad, here in Palm Springs.

Brad:   No worries Kasey. It’s been a very interesting few days to say the least.

Kasey:   Yeah. Absolutely. We’ve enjoyed a very good event here at Naglrep with our good friends in the National Gay and Lesbian conference. So it’s been really great to actually see the different style of event that they put on. I think that they all like to have a little bit of fun, but in saying that though, the content in some of the sessions I think has been absolutely outstanding.

Brad:   I think it’s such a professionally run conference. Everyone’s here to have fun and a good time and the vibes just really good.

Kasey:   First of all, I’d really love for you to share how Boxbrownie started. I think it’s really important for all of the listeners to understand what BB actually means.

Brad:   My background is real estate photography in marketing. I started in shooting property actually on film camera and when I finished Tafe and I also worked in the real estate industry on the sunshine coast, Queensland working for the top agent at the time, selling deep water front canal homes. I think from an early age photography and real estate were in my blood.

Brad:   I love going through houses, especially photographing them and it’s really just gone from there. So I started Boxbrownie because I got so busy taking photos myself. I used to shoot up to eight or nine properties a day. You’d need those photos enhanced the following day. There was always a lot of late nights and Photoshop. Comes a time where I wanted to start a family and I suppose you gotta try and work smarter not harder. I come up with this quite a unique idea and it’s really been taking off in the last few years, which I’m really grateful for. Mainly in the US.

Brad:   I think what’s so unique about our business is we work with everybody, from commercial agents, property managers, I think between those two we really compliment. And even the residential as well because I understand a lot of people in Australia, a lot of agents will use a professional photographer, which is so good. Our marketing in Australia is great.

Brad:   We’ve been to the UK. We spent a lot of time in the US. I’ve been to Brazil this year and we just do real estate marketing right. So I think that is why we are doing so well over here and we’re really just filling that great gap.

Kasey:   Talk me through obviously some of those examples because you are travelling the world and you’re sharing your product and I think you just made a really good point there. That in Australia, we’re probably on the top of our game in regards to how we certainly do market real estate. Majority, 90% are using professional photographers, whether that’s for sales or for rentals. But what are you actually seeing across the rest of the world?

Brad:   Mainly we do residential sales. I suppose a lot of other countries are taking their own photos Casey. It’s crazy. When I was in Brazil, there was gentlemen selling beach front property worth 3, 4, 5 million and he was taking photos like it looked like on a iPhone 3. I don’t know how they do it. I don’t know why they do it. Whether it’s education or whether it comes down to a cost. These days with digital cameras, they are so affordable and we have blogs on that where we can actually train which camera to buy, what settings to put into it and how to use it by a blog post and also video tutorials. I just think the biggest difference in Australia and everywhere else I’ve gone, everyone thinks they’ve got a great photographer and most people do. But the huge difference I always point out, and I’ve done it today, I do it every conference.

Brad:   We’re in Palm Springs, right? This gentleman showed me this beautiful home worth at least 4.6 million. And I said, “Look, the photos are great.” We’re surround by picturesque mountains, that almost look like they’ve been photoshopped here in real life, don’t they Casey?

Kasey:   They absolutely do. Yeah.

Brad:   And I pointed him out. I said, “Listen sir, the photos look great. They’re nice and sharp. They’re very clear.” But I said, “I can notice one thing.” And he said, “What’s that?” I said, “No fire in the fire place to add that vibe.” They didn’t even put TV screens on which also gives that nice flair. But the biggest thing what I see everywhere across the country is, you can’t see out the windows. So it’s like a white haze. So that is done by using HDR or bracketing techniques and it’s a … professional photographers do it everyday back home in Australia, it’s standard. If I delivered photos like that, and you couldn’t see outside the windows, I’d be fired in a heartbeat.

Brad:   And he could not … and he goes, “Wow. I never even thought of that.” And that’s the same response I get from everybody.

Kasey:   And so that’s certainly where Boxbrownie can help, in those enhancements?

Brad:   Definitely. And I think roll that education here. We like to do things right. Of course, you gotta think of the buyers point of view. You really wanna show homes in their best light. Not falsify anything. If you’re just sending us what you’ve got, we can always … a lot of the time bring photos back to the dead.

Kasey:   I spent some time with both yourself and Peter in Miami, and the conversation was around the 360 camera and in my interview with Pete, he certainly did touch briefly on that and I suppose where the future of utilising that tool is coming in to the market. I know it’s something that you’re fairly passionate about in our conversations so, talk me through where you kind of see the future of that digital space or that device actually helping us in the digital world.

Brad:   I know a lot of Australians know the business Matterport. They have a great tool that’s very revolutionary but it’s quite a big unit and it does take a while to use. And I think the 360 cameras are almost like that great second option for people. Very affordable. Anyone can use them. And the best thing about them is, you don’t have to turn the camera around. They actually have two lenses. Usually around 180 degrees each side. And that way you put it in the middle of the room, you take a photo, usually with your smart phone as the remote trigger and I honestly think that these are the future of real estate. I’ve been in the industry at least 16 years. These get me super excited because it actually feels like you’re actually immersed in the room.

Brad:   We use the camera a lot when we travel as well so anywhere we go, we’ve got these great snapshots. If you ever wanna go back and visit that area, it just feels like your actually there. They’re just a lot of fun. And I think every agent is actually gonna have one in their top pocket ’cause they’re that small. And they’ll be shooting it all themselves in the near future.

Kasey:   And I suppose it’s where even the cameras on smart phones getting better and better. And you suggested that of course there’s great cameras that people can purchase but we’ve been chatting obviously around where smart phone devices are going to and how that’s going to be the kind of future really of property marketing.

Brad:   100%. Spot on. You know I’ve got the Samsung Galaxy S9. I bought that purely for the camera. I’m an Apple man and I have everything else Apple. The reason I bought it was for the camera and it has not disappointed me one bit. We recommend these great lenses called Moments, you actually have to buy a smart phone case for them. They’re really great. They’re on our blog as well if anyone’s ever interested. I know that they’re the future and I believe that every agent will be using their smart phone, taking images. They’re gonna be DSLR quality. 100%. With the apps out there, who knows, we might be developing our own. Who knows.

Brad:   It’s very exciting space and I think it’s gonna change a lot in the next few years.

Kasey:   Well I think marketing certainly has changed. The landscapes changing there and what the consumer is certainly looking for and if you don’t have quality in your advertising, you’re not going to attract the quality, the buyer or tenant to that properties. Congratulations on the success of Boxbrownie so far and I’m sure that there’s gonna be more in the future.

Brad:   Yeah. Thanks for all the listeners listening in. If they want any help with their marketing, we are available 24/7. We’re a proud Australian business and we are literally taking over the world in a great way. And we’re just honestly here to help.

Kasey:   Fantastic. Thanks again Brad.

Brad:   No worries Kasey. Thanks for having us.

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