The 2 markets

There are 2 markets.  The one outside your head and the one inside.

Topic – Michaels 2018 takeaways

Mentor – Michael Sheargold

  • Train your brain
  • Control what is controllable
  • Don’t fuss over what you can’t control

Prop Tech with Joel Leslie – What we be saying about the tech advancements of 2019 at this time next year?


Kevin:   As we continue our journey looking into 2019, wow. Here we are, day two already. Doesn’t it fly, Michael?

Michael:   Well, not exactly flying, and hopefully people are having a fantastic time reflecting with family and friends at this particular time of year.

Kevin:   Yeah, this is a great time for us to be doing this and having this conversation with Michael. Michael Sheargold, of course. Michael, as we said yesterday, a big year ahead for you. Lots of work in Australia and also in the States. But let’s talk about mindset, I think is the focus today and the two markets: internal and external. Let’s talk through that.

Michael:   Look, a lot of people think there’s one market in real estate, and that’s the external marketplace that someone’s operating, but in actual fact, the other market, is the internal market and what’s going on between a real estate professional or leaders head. so this is the internal marketplace, and interestingly enough one of those we have more control over. It is not the external market, it’s actually the internal market.

Michael:   Late last year with our clients I spoke at REWA Connect and I remember hearing [inaudible) sales volume in the west Australian marketplace, or 6,000 transactions a year and it’s down to about 3,000 transactions last year. I asked the audience with five or six hundred people in the room and well, how many of those 3,000 sales do you need to have for you to have a remarkable or a great year, or your best year in real estate. People sort of reflected and wrote a number down and went “Wow, that’s such a small percentage of those 3,000 transactions.” So you’re either focused on, oh my gosh what’s happening in the market or you’re focused on what can I do in the market, and making sure your image is in the right place and focus on the right things to produce the absolute right results.

Michael:   Earlier on we talked about the Jenga blocks, this is a time for you to get clear on what are my non-negotiables that I’m putting into my business for 2019 and making absolutely certain that you’ve got a little bit of support wrapped around you to help make sure those things happen.

Kevin:   It’s what’s between the ears, Michael, isn’t it that has such a huge impact on our success, or failure.

Michael:   Most definitely, and look I think for an agent who’s been in the marketplace for more than two years, yes you need to work on your strategies, yes you need to work on your skills, yes you need to work on some dialogues to utilise in the market conditions that it is today. But, the biggest thing you need to work on is your mindset and if you don’t apply stinking thinking it doesn’t matter if you’ve got the best skills and the best dialogue, you won’t be applying it in a way that has passion, enthusiasm, and that energy I spoke about yesterday sitting behind it and that makes a big difference.

Kevin:   Yeah you’ve got to train your brain, haven’t you, train it to think positively, train it to be on the right track all the time because there’s so much negative stuff that happens around us that can impact us, Michael.

Michael:   Definitely, and by the way I like that line “train your brain”. We quite often don’t think about training our brain so, in December, I asked our clients to start thinking about how they’re thinking and they sort of looked at me weird and said “Hang on, I just think” and no I actually asked you to think about how you’re thinking. and is the quality of thinking you’re applying, delivering you the results that you want. What questions are you asking yourself. Can you ask better questions that will give you a better result, and believe it or not in many, many cases that’s exactly what needs to happen.

Kevin:   Just a little thing I would like to share with you Michael that I started doing and I’ve only started it about a month, maybe six weeks ago. Every morning I have a discipline. The first thing I do, before I start any work is that I’ve got a journal. There’s five different key areas that I look at, the first thing is I write down what made me happy, just one thing in the last 24 hours. What are the two things that I’m most grateful for. What are my top three personal goals. What are my four most important affirmations, things like being grateful, fronting things with a positive frame of mind, and then finally I just write down what are my minimum dollar goals and I do it five times. It’s amazing how just taking about two or three minutes at the start of every day, just to frame your mind up. The days I miss it, and I’ve got to be honest, I’ve missed a couple of days, I can feel the impact of it, and I get back to it and I know that it’s actually starting my day in a very positive way. That’s how I train my brain.

Michael:   Kevin, I massively endorse that and from a centering point of view, that’s what it does, it centres you. It just allows you to slow down, calm down, let’s get clear on what you want to achieve, what are you grateful for, absolutely, what’s gonna have the biggest impact on your day today. That beautiful reminder, what are my top three goals, is just a reinforcer to say how do we start to align our actions today and align more so to what we want to achieve in terms of the bigger picture. Absolutely awesome.

Kevin:   Interesting to go back a couple of weeks too, which I did this morning. I went back a few weeks and just had a look at what I had written two or three weeks ago, and you think wow, okay, yeah I can see there is a path here, I’m actually achieving something. So, that’s training the brain for me.

Michael:   Yup, absolutely fantastic. So the internal marketplace is so, so key to your success in 2019.

Kevin:   Good stuff mate, great talking to you, we’ll come back again tomorrow. We’re going to talk about brand and culture tomorrow. Our special guest this week is Michael Sheargold,, there’s a link on every one of the pages on RE Uncut today to take you there. Thanks Michael, talk to you again tomorrow.

Michael:   Great, Kevin.

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